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News Letter


Club Captains Report

On Saturday 15th September we had the Top Eleven Teams Men’s Top Dog Competition.

The format is highest team combined stableford wins the hole.

We had byes in the first week after qualifying because of uneven team numbers.

The rest had a Saturday Haggle the Format was Stableford.

Results & Voucher winners: David Butler 45 , Kerry Edgcombe 45 , John Davey 43 , Robbie Busing 43 , Austin Wood 42 , Ace Se’e 42 , Michael Loppy 42 , Ian Titter 42.

There were seven twos on Saturday: Robbie Busing 3rd ,Brendon Dew 3rd , Paul Clarkson 3rd , G, Tantrum 5th , Kerry Edgcombe 7th , Xavi Clarkson 11th , Ace Se’e 15th. ( One Ball Each On The Board ).

Raffle Results: Bing , Ace , David.B , B. Mullin , Nicole , Brendon Dew , John Strong , Robert , Pooch.

This Saturday 22nd September we have the Top Dog Top Eight Quarter Finals (Combined Stableford ).

The Rest will have a Saturday Haggle and the Format will be Stableford.