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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf.

Well done to the winners last week in the closing day competition and the winners of the Barry Cup were Joy (man she can putt) East and Paul (The Rock) Fairhurst. Just to add, Joy played alongside Marie Rayner and Geoff (The Incredible Hulk) Slater. Why The Hulk nickname, well, he is so quietly spoken but turns into the HULK when he has a club in his hand and hits it a country mile. The other player was me, Lofty. So, as for tiger putting …Joy sunk maybe 6 …15ft putts and put all other putts within a foot of the hole, a superb effort on the greens, well done Joy.

AGM was on Monday night and some vacant positions were filled. So welcome to all.

Purdie Cup, matchplay round one this week, so good luck to all. The second round is on the 14th,the draw is up on the board so check that out.

NOTE: Please check out the notice board as I will be putting up Taranaki wide tournaments so don’t miss out.

Sundays: If you can help on Sundays with club bar duty, catch up with JC and see what’s involved so it doesn’t end up being the same people doing it repeatedly.

Pennants teams name list: Get your names up folks as we will be having a match committee meeting early next year and picking the squads, so if you want a chance to be in ??

Extra Xmas pop-up competition on December the 15th. Yes, that’s right. Another Hamper will be held on the 15th December, same entry and prizes as the main Hamper….so contact JR and have a second go at getting a ham.

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.


Wednesday Club

Waitara New World

Very lucky with the weather with 30 players making their way to the tee. The best in division one was John Chandler with 43 points, Phil Wilson, Robert Middleton and John Rayner 40 points. Division two we had a great score from Carl Beale with 45 points, Greg Fowler, John Davey and Tony Pope 42, Bill Wadsworth 40, Dave Yates and Peter Loppy finished with 39 points. Carl Beal and John Chandler both had a 2, Closest to the 7th pin was Peter Loppy, Raffle winners, John Vanders, Blue, Dave Williams, Bill Wadsworth, Barry Burns, Teddy Danych, Rob Middleton, Colin Upson, Tony Bromfield and Lee Mather.

Next week, 11th December is the Waitara New World Xmas hamper.

See you all there.



Players toilet on the course.

The Manukorihi Golf Club has added a toilet located at the green keepers shed between the Men’s and the Ladies 16th tee. Many thanks to Greg Fowler and Colin Upson for their time to put it all together and their helpers as needed. Thanks to Christine Ogle for the paving stones for the outside.

Pest control at Manukorihi.

The Manukorihi Golf Club is going to do more pest control on the course. We are buying some DOC approved traps for this and would like someone to look after and record what we catch. This would be something that would have to be on a weekly basis.

If you are interested, please see one of the committee or Paul Fairhurst.

50 years at Manukorihi Golf Club.

This coming Easter the Manukorihi Golf Club will have been at our current course at Wills Road for 50 years, the Club was founded in 1904. We will be looking for a subcommittee to help run the Saturday and Sunday.

We are looking at the history of the club, so if you have anything that may help us, photos, stories that will be of interest please let me know. Also, we are looking for Programme Books, we are missing a lot from 2006 to 2018.

Many Thanks.

David Butler.

Vets Pennants

Final round is at Westown on 2/12/19 (reserve day 16/12/19). Yellow play Urenui and Black plays Inglewood Red.

See you on the tee.

Rod A.


Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.



This week’s tip is about an Open Champion, George Duncan who won the Claret Jug in 1920. I had the privilege of meeting him in 1962 when I was caddying for my local Professional, Alan Gillies. I was listening to a conversation about the swing being likened to a wheel & your head should be in the centre of this imaginary circle & it should be steady at all costs !!! Have we heard this before !!!

Now it isn’t a vertical circle nor a flat one but between the two at about a 45 degree angle. Little head is stuck in the middle, your arms are the spokes & the ball is at the bottom. Boy this game sounds so easy & yet it isn’t !!! The reason being that you can’t see yourself as you’re swinging & every part of your body is moving on the way back & then on the way forward in only 2 seconds !?!? So, the BIG TIP is to imagine a pencil on the end of your club & you scribe an arc backwards & then forwards as smooth & you can. Just like The Great George Duncan did at Royal Cinque Ports, Sandwich, winning with a 4 round total of 303, hickory shafts & gutta percha balls !!!! HEAD STEADY & THINK OF YOUR CIRCLE !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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