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About The Club

The Manukorihi Golf Club, so named because the original course had access along a road at the foot of the Manukorihi Hill, was formed in 1904 with a small membership. However, by 1920 the club had progressed to a membership of about 20.

This original course was laid out on the recreation ground across the river from the town and as this area was not sufficient for nine holes, the club had playing rights over two neighbouring properties, those of Mr T Joll and Wood's estate. Unfortunately erosion ate into the reserve to such an extent that it was necessary to find other another property. Mr C Barnitt was approached and agreed to give the club playing rights over about 45 acres of his farm at the end of Richmond St. The course remained at Barnitt's from 1932 until 1938. In 1938 the course moved to Mr A.H Foreman's property on Faull Road, Tikorangi.

In 1968 a fire destroyed the clubhouse and discussions were had about the future of the club. At a special meeting on 10/2/69 it was decided to purchase the land on which the current course is built for $30,000. Initially the course was only twelve holes and was officially opened on April 11 1970. In 1974 the development of the final six holes was authorized for $3000.

Historical video footage and a Centenary book have been supplied by Peter Pearce dating back to the mid-'50s.

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