Covid-19 Orange status.

With the introduction of the new Covid-19 Protection Framework (CPF) today, and Taranaki being in the Orange category, and with three positive Covid-19 Delta variant cases confirmed in New Plymouth yesterday, the situation has changed quickly and the committee has urgently considered the vaccination policy issue, as follows:


The committee is obliged to protect, as far as practicable, the Club’s members, employees and visitors from health & safety threats such as the harmful effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus and its variants. You will all be aware that our Club has an age demographic that is on the susceptible side in terms of the potential health impact from Covid-19, and that we have a significant number of members who have underlying medical conditions.


In view of this, and after considering updated guidelines provided yesterday by Golf NZ and measures being put in place by other golf clubs, the committee has decided that, with immediate effect, individuals will need to be double-vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to be allowed entry into the clubhouse under CPF Orange category. In addition, those entering the clubhouse will need to wear a mask whilst obtaining their food and drink, and can take off the mask when seated.


All players and visitors must continue to scan in or sign in for contact tracing purposes.


Essentially you are being asked to treat the clubhouse as if it were a public café, bar or restaurant, whose Covid-19 protection measures I am sure you are now all familiar with. Importantly, non-vaccinated individuals will still be allowed to play golf on our course. The first application of this vaccination policy will be tomorrow, Shootout competition day, when we ask anyone not double-vaccinated against Covid-19 to please not enter the clubhouse.


The same will apply for the Club’s AGM on Monday evening and going forward until further notice. We are aware that not everyone who has been double-vaccinated will have yet obtained their My Vaccine Pass document, so at this stage we are appealing to the honesty of individuals.

However the Club may be required to keep a confidential verification record of members’ My Vaccine Pass evidence for future reference, as this is now the only official record of individual Covid-19 vaccination status in NZ. As mentioned in the newsletter of 6th October, the Club was contacted by Work-Safe New Plymouth about reportedly falling short on Covid-19 protection measures in the clubhouse, so it is vital if we wish to keep our golf course and facilities open that we adhere to the above,


Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.


Richard Crowe