Manukorihi Number 2 team

Congratulations to Manukorihi Number 2 team who made it to the Pennant finals this year. ​ ​​The Manukorihi 2 team Members where Darryl Baird (Captain), Paul Rauputu, Nathan Lopusiewicz, Paul Fairhurst, Kerry Voyle, Robin Broadmore. Reserves: Steven Voyle, Robert Butler.

Children on the Course

Please refer to P.2 of your programme book. Parents/Grandparents bringing children on to the course do so at their own risk. All children must be closely supervised at all times.

Manukorihi Golf Bar

Another year ahead of us. Again I need bar helpers. This involves Saturday's from approx 1pm thru to 4pm. Depending on who wants to help with this task it would only be once in 6 weeks on a roster system. It is hard for the very few who help with different tasks, a load shared is always easier. ​ ​ Please get hold of me with your help. Contact phone is 0274804210. ​ ​ Regards John Rayner

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