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Club Captains Report Club Captains Report. Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying the fine weather. Well done to the winners on the weekend with the 2nd round of the Hone Heke and the Bleakly Tray which were both taken out by one very in form Martin Forest Gump Nobbs with a 61 nett to get the Hone Heke and over Cliff by a lot, so well done boys and hope you all had a good time. THIS WEEK: Taranaki anniversary so not sure how many are away for a break but have fun - mine is forced break to Auckland, but might sneak in a game somewhere while Wifey goes shopping with the Dragon (Mother in law). Pennants: Week 4 saw The Seniors and Manu 1 play at NP. The Seniors got a lesson in the long ball game an

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