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Club Captains Report

Club Captains Report.

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying the fine weather.

Well done to the winners on the weekend with the 2nd round of the Hone Heke and the Bleakly Tray which were both taken out by one very in form Martin Forest Gump Nobbs with a 61 nett to get the Hone Heke and over Cliff by a lot, so well done boys and hope you all had a good time.

THIS WEEK: Taranaki anniversary so not sure how many are away for a break but have fun - mine is forced break to Auckland, but might sneak in a game somewhere while Wifey goes shopping with the Dragon (Mother in law).

Pennants: Week 4 saw The Seniors and Manu 1 play at NP. The Seniors got a lesson in the long ball game and it shows when these young fellas hit it straight they are hard to bet ….but well done boys better luck in a couple of weeks at Stratford let’s see if we can turn it around. Manu 1 also at NP went down and sounded like there were some great putting efforts made by the Kaitake lads. Good to see we all still had fun. Manu 2 the winners of the weekend had a good 6.3 win over NP at Te Ngutu, so well done lads keep it up for the run home.

Next week is rest week as it is Taranaki Anniversary day.

Match play is coming, starting March 21st...

So this is what is happing for the draws. On Saturday There was the handicap sheets put up along with some notes PLEASE READ THEM and mark off your name whether you can play or not thanks.

Remember the 7th of March is the cut off so we can get the draw out by the 14th thank you. Please tick off the boxes on the sheets which we will get into the club house for Saturday, So please don’t miss out and remember if you can’t get to the finals day May 2nd then consider the competition as a club highlight.

- Finals will be played on that day Unless the course is deemed unplayable by the match committee then it will be played on the spare date of the 9th May thank you.

Is the Captains choice split sixes this year is going to be a bit different and it’s all a mix of good and bad?

This will be a chance to see how the opposite sex play.

MEN ONLY...IT WILL BE INTERESTING see how you all go with ONLY 4 CLUBS ALLOWED INCLUDING THE PUTTER. So 4 clubs of your own choice in total and we will be playing split sixes on 1-6 tee block you are off the yellow tees then 7-12 off white tees and then 13-18 off the blues tees ….so choose carefully teams and yes the lady’s will be playing the same holes but can carry all their club’s cheers. This will be a three tee start so 1st,13th,7th - 9am tee off so to get a good mix we will have you all put your names /teams up on the white board outside so put your name up and can we be there around so 8.30 am, please to give us some time to get this done thanks.

Taranaki 5000 tickets if you are interested see Dave Butler thanks.

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Kingston Update:

Another gold at North Shore! record breaking mate, since NZ has had a US kids, now the Sean Foley World Stars Event Kingston had the lowest ever score, -7 for a 63, which included 5 birdies, 2 eagles 2 bogeys, wow!

Good on you Kingston


Waitara New World Wednesday Club

Golf every Wednesday at 9am for a mass start at 09: 30

$6.00 entry includes ‘twos’, Raffle are $2.00 each. Later in the year we have Stoke Play, Match Play and Top Dog.

There are 30+ players, any one is welcome.

We are looking for someone to look after the Wednesday haggle day, if your interested in running the day please see David Butler or John Rayner for more details Thanks.

Well done to Tony Bromfield for holding his recent form to take out the final of split sixes Wednesday style. Peter Loppy and Rob Fraser tried to team up to knock him down but Tony stood strong taking home $60 in vouchers.

Div 1 winner was Wayne Kopu with an outstanding 46 points from Kerry Edgecombe on 42

Div 2 was Richard Crowe and Tony Bromfield on top with 40 points

Austin Wood taking the only two of the day on the 11th

8 raffles were handed out.

So the question is - what will next week bring ??

Good golfing JR


Saturday Ladies

A field of 13 ladies and we played Hidden Holes Stableford, Two divisions, First division Maree Raynor with 40 points, Second division Joy Andrews 44 points. Twos were drawn with Faye and Renette collecting a $5 voucher. Putting results: Christine and Kath 3 points 28 putts, Jo Broadmore 2 points 30 putts and Joy E and Renette 1 point for 31 putts. Next week with long weekend it will be a mass start with split sixes with a twist. See you then.Sunday Pennants we played Westown at Manaia and this time in fine and warm conditions. Some great results with the team having 4 wins and one loss. Next game will be at Urenui against New Plymouth on 15th match. Jo B

Tuesday Ladies

Another very pleasant day for golf and some good scores with the course being dry and crunchy with an insane amount of run.Dot B was the best of the 9 holers with 23 Stableford and wins a $5 voucher.9-Holers putting points: Rhondda 3/31, Colleen 2/14, Dot 1/15.The best of the 18 holers was Joy E for division 1 and Tere won division 2. A $5 voucher for each of you.Our putting points: Tere, Marie & Pauline 3/31, Fay 2/33 and Joy A, Joc & Tere 1/34.Christine had a 2 on 5th and collects $10.Next week we are playing Long and Short and the starter is Fay.The Pennant teams played and the Weekend girls won 2 pts but sadly the midweek girls dipped out. Jo F


Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.



ALWAYS SWING BACK SLOWLY. You never hit the ball on the backswing so there is no need for speed or effort!!

You hit the ball on the way down through the EFFORT & SPEED OF your HANDS & ARMS.

Jack Nicklaus once said “Go back slowly & even that is NOT SLOW ENOUGH !!!”

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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