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News Letter Course at Covid level 1

At Alert Level 1, while none of the public health requirements is mandatory, it is important to remain vigilant and continue to practise good hygiene to minimise the risk of community transmission. We should be vigilant in maintaining these good practices so that we are prepared to move quickly back into higher alert levels if needed.

Club Presidents Report

Congratulations everyone, with great discipline from most New Zealanders the country has managed a welcome return to Alert Level 1 and the associated freedoms that brings. Below for your reference is the NZ Golf Advisory received yesterday outlining the playing of golf under Alert Level 1.

Thank you all for playing your part during these difficult times, and for your patience and understanding during the period that our golf course was closed and reopened under various challenging restrictions. And many thanks again to all our volunteers who assisted on the supervisor roster which allowed the course to reopen.

Last Saturday morning many of you will have heard the welcome publicity gained for the Club during Phil Quinney’s ZB Radio sports programme. It was certainly a valuable opportunity to profile what we offer at Manukorihi Golf Club.

Enjoy your rediscovered social and golfing freedoms - and good luck to all participating in Club Champs match play quarterfinals on Saturday.

Richard Crowe


Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are all well its back to normal….So we can all be proud of our efforts. Thanks to all team of helpers that gave their time and effort into helping the club over these times giving up weekend’s endless emails phone calls extra.

PLEASE READ as this is starting THIS WEEKEND June 13th MATCH PLAY CHAMPS RESUME.We have had to make a change around due to Covid, so here are some new dates to take note of and I will change sheets at club house on Saturday…

Please note the JOLL CUP is cancelled so we can fit in the match play. Please try your best to get games completed by the Friday before the next stage is due. Please get hold of your opposition and arrange tee times and book them in on the start sheet. We Will try to get a match play finals day if we can.

Last week JUNE 6TH saw The L F TRUMAN played on Stableford and we had some good scores and some…… not so good scores. The greens played nice and had a bit of pace in them so that was nice.

The weather played its part as we got most of the day without rain. So, it was a MURDER SHE WROTE day with a heap of suspects to choose from and yes once again the BUTLER DID IT…. but which one? As there is three of them.

So, let’s start Dave the pie maker Butler started DOUBLE / DOUBLE AND A OB in the first few holes so he has a SOLID alibi. So we are down to the two remaining Butlers CHOP CHOP and The BRICKY…

Now Robert Chop Chop came in with a very nice 38 points even though he had a Lofty partner to carry in there match with JC and GAVIN….so well done Chop but was it him or The Bricky……WELL the Bricky said this is not just Another Brick In The Wall…..and as he cemented his spot at the top of the wall. He pointed at his score of 40 points and Floated past the second place Butler. So YES, IT WAS THE BUTLER and his name is TERRY so well done A GOOD WIN and may it continue.

Sorry about our match Chop Chop next time.

RULES: Back to normal this week team so keep an eye on the rules board for any changes.

The club house will be OPEN THIS WEEKEND and food will be for purchase and keep up the good hygiene.

The starting sheet will be up from now on so please don’t forget to put down your times for the next Saturday please. Men can we all tee off the first please. A TIME SLOT HAS BEEN ADDED TO ALLOW THE PLAYERS COMING OFF THE 18TH to play the 1st AND THEY HAVE RIGHT OF WAY THANKS.SO first in first served FOR TIME SLOTS.

Pennants is over for our men’s teams this year with the lads going down to Inglewood at mania last week 5.5 / 3.5 so hard luck lad’s good effort and we will go again next year.

Don’t forget men’s trip list is up on the match play board so get your names down along with some cash into Paul R please thanks guys.

We may need to change the Programme to allow for this trip as its round three of the top dog so keep an eye out for the date change of round three.

Thanks, Your club Captain Lofty


Waitara New World Wednesday Club.

Another great turn out with 31 players turning up.

All players had a great surprise when they took the putter from there bag to fine that the greens were a lot faster than the last time that they played. We had the lads counting their putts, some did better than others Peter Pearce and Les Wildman finished the day with 26 putts each. There were lots in the high 30s. The greens were much faster as the club now has a greens roller, Wednesday was the try day and it shows in the scores.

Division one there were five players all with 33 points, Phil Daley, Peter Pearce, Kerry Edgcombe, Nathan Russ and Phil Wilson.

Division two Greg Flower was the only player to play to his handicap with 36 points, Barry Burns 34, Cliff Oxenham and Rod Andrews 32, Carl Beale, Bill Wadsworth and David Butler finished the day with 31 points.

Four twos, one ball each to Bob Crow, Rob Fraser, Burry Burns and Nathan Russ.

Raffle winners. Lee Mather, Phil Daley, Nathan Russ, Phil Wilson, Jim Newlove Greg Flower and Rod Andrews picked up 2.

Wednesday Stoke play starts next week 17th June. The best combined Nett scores over three weeks, the top 16 Nett scores over twos weeks for the Wednesday match play that will start on the 15th July if we don’t get any wet days.

Taranaki 5000

The Taranaki 5000 has been rescheduled due to Covid 19, for Sunday the 23rd August at the Manaia Golf Club. Tickets are $100.00 each. If you wish to support Taranaki Golf you can buy tickets from Nick at Taranaki Golf or David Butler.


Wednesday Club


Men's Tour 2020

The itinerary for the end of year tour has been confirmed and this year we are going to the Bay of Plenty.

There are two options to choose from; a 4-day trip leaving Thursday 29th Oct and a 3-day trip leaving Friday 30th Oct with both returning on Sunday 1st November.

Day 1: Thursday 29th Oct - Omanu Golf Club

Day 2: Friday 30th Oct - Tauranga Golf Club

Day 3: Saturday 31st Oct - Te Puke Golf Club

Day 4: Sunday 1st Nov - Piopio Aria Golf club

The cost:

  • 4-day trip $430

  • 3-day trip $310

Please see the notice board for more details and indicate which trip you will be attending. Any questions please let me know

Paul Rauputu 021728565

P.S. In the meantime, don't forget your three putt contribution (at least $20 before we travel).

Cheers Paul R


Saturday Ladies Report

It was hard going for most on Saturday and the scores reflected this. First round of Fraser Trophy Eclectic so we are all looking forward to being able to improve somewhat next Saturday for the second round, weather permitting. Best of the day was Lesley Elliot with Nett 73.

Drawn two went to Kath Alvis.

Jo B

Tuesday Ladies Report

A beaut day for golf and matches got underway again for the champs. Great to see a good turnout of ladies and delighted to have Jan back with us.

Tere won the 9-hole voucher for their putting competition.

Lesley won the 18-hole voucher with a net 73.

Match results were: Teati beat Jo, Pauline beat Marie, Bev beat Helen W and Marion beat Robyn. Congratulations to the winners and good luck for the next round.

2s were drawn with the lucky winners being: Mary, Joy E and Marion.

Must have been Marion’s lucky day as she also won the raffle.

Next week we are playing the Barbara Sharrock and the starter is Marion.




SAVING SHOTS in SAND is practicing a method of standing to the ball & having a “V” swing.

Firstly, you adopt an open stance that is when your toe line is aiming well left of your target, (for right handers) & wriggle your feet into the sand to give yourself a secure stance.

Secondly with the ball opposite your front foot aim the club face to the target with your hands behind the ball. From here pick the club up with your wrists on a much steeper swing path than normal more or less on the line of your toes. This gives you half the “V.” Keeping your HEAD VERY STEADY pull the sand wedge into the sand about 3-4” behind the ball & follow through the sand completing the “V” swing & stay flat footed.

The ball will come out on a cushion of sand hopefully floating towards the pin. The swing is full & smooth, never short or jerky. To hit the ball further you move the ball a little back in your stance thus taking less sand between the ball & the club face & achieving more power. So practice the basics in sand to SAVE SHOTS.

Keep Well & Stay Safe

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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