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News Letter Course at Covid level 2

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are all well.

First up Congratulations to the best golfer in the Mancer tribe with another hole in one …well done Nicole.

Last week Saturday the 29TH / 8 /2020 saw the Hidden holes played and some good results. Heaps of winners and a lot of twos as well. The best come back in the world of golf was done midweek by Dave THE BUNKER Butler… with a 5 ..YES FOLKS that’s a mere 15 shots less than the previous attempt so well done Butts… NOT far behind was the winner on the day with two twos …Yip YOU HERD IT HERE FIRST.. and he also shaved off 9 shots on the 4th this week so well done Roger Clarkson.

Coming up:

Saturday 5th September. THE PURDIE CUP was down in the Programme but after some chasing around it was found to be a miss print so we will play a nett round this week as this will be good practice for the following weeks of the stroke play champs … Robert will be doing up the divisions and this will go up on the board on the first round on the 12th so you can see what division you are in . As for the next two rounds the handicaps will be frozen for the stroke play so please remember that and this will be printed on your stroke play cards.

6 th September.

2020 Nett comp

STROKE PLAY DATES ARE :12TH ,19TH, 26TH with a spare day reserved in case of course unplayable on the 3RD October.2020

Sunday the 13th next week is the kiwi butcher so hope it