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News Letter Course at Covid level 1

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are all well.

Last week Saturday the 17th was the Lye Trophy and a good day had by all with the mass start and $328 .40 was collected for a charity. Fay and myself snuck in with a win over Marty and Richie on the last, so that was well planned day and the beer was cold even though Marty said he was going to serve it hot.

Thanks to Gary Johnson for the good work on the rules as well and to note the track on the 5th is not fairway even if it is mown. So no placing at all off there as well as the caretakers track by the sheds so you must play the lye.

This week sees the starter sheet up and going again with the Tuapai Cup 1 round stableford so all the best for that.

Coming up: Saturday 1st August Whenuku Cup on Par.

Coming up: Sunday 2nd August we have the Eagles and Jim Mohekey Trophy Mixed for the Juniors so we could do with some help with the little ones as there are 6,9,18 holers and so please if you can that would be great.

BREAKING NEWS: The KIWI BUTCHER has a date change as the Taranaki 5000 was put on the same date that was the 23rd August. So after some consultation with Taranaki golf we were offered a change of date and this allows the members who wanted to play in the Kiwi Butcher a chance too. Also, those who were torn between the 5000 and the Kiwi Butcher can now make both as well. We have 15 members that have tickets to the 5000 so we felt it was best to change date to Sunday the 13th September for the Kiwi Butcher.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but we felt that the club was better off changing the date and ensuring a full field as well as allowing our own members the chance to enter the 5000. Please check club house for new sheet and times for the Kiwi Butcher.

Lye Trophy winners Wayne O’Donnell 41 stableford Helen Jenkins 39 stableford

[endif]--Please with the wet weather can we ALL REPAIR THE PITCH MARKS IN THE GREENS this will help maintain the smooth roll cheers.

Thanks, Your club Captain Lofty ![endif]--


Waitara New World Wednesday Club.

Golf was rained of for the third week in a row. We will again try for next week to finish the third round of stroke play. Cheers

Wednesday Club


Men's Tour 2020

Men's Tour 2020 Hi guys - The trip is full!

Please could you all get a $50 deposit into the account as soon as possible with the remainder due in full by 1st October.

Account number 15-3956-0654678-26

Any questions, give me a call Paul 021728565

Cheers Paul R


Saturday Ladies Report

Saturday was a club mass start, congratulations to Helen J who shared the Lye Trophy. Great effort Helen.

Sunday saw the Pennant Challenge between the mid Week and Weekend Ladies. It was a fantastic day weather wise and the format bringing all Pennant teams for the club together was well received, as was the awesome food that followed, thank you Jan!. The Weekend ladies defended the trophy with a 4 1/2 to 1 1/2 score line, well done ladies.

This week we play LGU and Home Pennants with round 3 Bleakley Tray, the starter is Jo B.

Jo B



Don’t be influenced by the way other golfers play the Game. You should set your own standard. Abide by the rules, be ready to play when it’s your turn, watch others play & say good shot when it was. What I’m getting at is some players hit the ball a long way, that doesn’t mean you have to. Whatever distance you hit the ball on average, that’s your power your “STANDARD.” You will hit it further as you improve your method but don’t let it become the be all & end all of playing. Golfers place too much emphasis on power & not enough on accuracy. Practice the short game & then INFLUENCE others BY YOUR SCORE !!

Keep Well & Stay Safe

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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