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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope all is well with you all.

So, as for results this week, well done to all winners and good luck in the Matchplay finals on June 8th for the remaining matches.

Well done to Bing who had a win over Richard in the intermediates and Peter Loppy over Mike Leterman in the juniors. Good to see a result.

Saturdays comp outside the matches was net and some good scores were recorded.

0-18 division seen a welcome return to form from Robbie Busing with a par round (63 net). Way to go Robbie, well done. This was closely followed by a 65 net by Gavin Mita who has had some form of late as well. Next was N loppy, P Rauputu, M Peterson and old CHOP CHOP BUTLER. Well done lads.

19 up division saw M Burkhart on 64 net and a couple of raffles too. Good day Mike.

Richie “Rich” Ransfield came in with a 65 and then, my partner on the day, Jim Newlove on a 68 with a classy birdie on the 16th to take the Beer off The Boss Ian Titter and his twin brother Bruce the Builder.

It must be noted that Jim was told the beer price had gone up (not) and then he was on fire. He must have forgotten his wallet.

Special thanks to Waldorf for walking 36 holes for his buddy Statler and that’s a true BROMANCE rite there.

Can we all please start making payments for the boys’ trip away. Catch up with J.C and if you put money in please put your club number and name on the transfer. The bank number is on the sheet on the notice board.


Kaitake have a 2ball best ball on the 25/26 this month if you are keen.

This week is a spare match play and a net comp so all the best for that.

NOTE: 3 MINS is now the time limit for a lost ball. If you think it is lost or up one of JRs TREES then hit a provisional. The pace of play has been good, let’s keep it up.

We are going to have a new promotion on Sundays over the winter months and we are calling it FUN DAY SUNDAY at 10-dollar green fees for the day. We are after some marketing ideas to promote the club’s profile so please if you have any ideas get them in.


  1. PRICE IS NOW $4.00 AND TWOS $1.50, everything else the same.

  2. We will be trying TWO starter sheets, hcps OF 0-18 DIVISON ONE and 19-UP DIVISON TWO so there will be TWO SHEETS. Please put your name on the correct sheet.

Pennant’s Shirts. Please return club shirts from pennants, washed please!

Thanks ...Lofty

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.


Wednesday Club

Only a few lads came out to play as the weather looked a little dicey.

The best of the day were Kerry Edgcombe and Tony Pope with 41 points, Greg Fowler and Rod Andrews 38, Jim Newlove 37, Phil Wilson and Peter Pearce 36, and Geoff Peters 35. Kerry won the Irish Stableford with 81 points, Lee Mather had the only 2 at the 3rd for three golf balls.

Raffle winners. Dave Wilson, Wayne Kopu, Tony Bromfield, Greg Fowler, Tony Pope and Rod Andrews.

Wednesday club Strokeplay starts on the 29th May.

Raffle Tickets.

There are some raffle books on the bar, these are for the Eagles Golfing Society of N Z. They are fundraising to promote and foster junior golf.

The tickets are $20.00 per book and includes 2 magic golf balls,

Please support the Eagles if you can.


David Butler.


Saturday Ladies

The lovely autumn weather continued for the 2nd round of Matchplay played on Saturday.

Results were: Jo Broadmore b Helen Jenkins and Robyn Chamberlain b Trish Crawford. Joy Andrews won the stbf comp and twos were drawn for Andrea Fraser & Fiona Rook. They each get a $5.00 voucher.

Colleen Hoskins won the 9 Hole competition with 14 stbf.

Round 3 of Matchplay will be played this Saturday. The others will play Par. The 9 hole ladies play Hidden Partners.

Tuesday Ladies

Another lovely day for golf but the course has changed with the rain. Not so much lovely run and dirty gear again, but winters coming and we better get used to it.

There were 2 matches played with the 9 Holers and Frances and Dot were the winners.

The 18 Holers played Bing Bang Bongo which was a lot of laughs. Joy A was the voucher winner with 25 points.

The 2s were drawn and it must have been Joys day as she along with Rhonda won a voucher each.

The raffle was won by Robyn. Well drawn!!

Next week we are playing LGU & Home Pennant and the starter is Bev.

Don't forget the Trading table.




Keeping your clubs & shoes clean is an important part of your confidence & shot making. Feeling good on the first tee starts with your equipment.

Wash the grips regularly with warm soapy water, you’d be amazed how they feel afterwards. It also prolongs their life.

Have a towel on your bag & wipe the face clean after each shot. When on the putting green after you take a practice swing wipe the face in case you pick up some grass cuttings on the face.

Grass between the ball & the face would deflect it & you’d be certain to miss !!!

If you want to play your BEST KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT CLEAN at all TIMES !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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