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News Letter


Date 14 June 2018


Club Captains Report

On Saturday the 9th June we held the Manukorihi Golf Club Finals Day.

What a great day it turned out to be starting off with the weather conditions.

It was a day out of the box with lots of sunshine and no wind, perfect conditions to play golf.

The course and greens were in a fantastic condition for finals day a tribute to our greenkeeper and his ground staff and volunteers for all the hard work done on the course leading up to finals day

There were a lot of positive comments made to me during the day on the condition of the course and the greens from all the players involved.

I would like to thank all the players involved in the finals day as they all turned up in the morning on time and with a great attitude towards the day which included a photo shoot at the end of their rounds.

I would also like to thank the club members that helped with the organization of the day and our caterer Jan for the great food & refreshments that she provided throughout the day for the players and supporters.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Manukorihi club members that were not playing on finals day for coming up to the golf course and being caddies & watching some good golf and supporting all the players involved.

Finals Day Results, Champion First.

Senior Men: Carey Hobbs V Daryl Baird 6/5.

Intermediate Men: Bruce Taylor V Kerry Edgcombe 10/9.

Junior Men: John Davey V Cliff Oxenham 2/1.

Limits Men: Tony McDowell V Darren Rice 5/3.