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News Letter


Date 21st June 2018


Club Captains Report

On Saturday the 16th June we had the Second Qualifying Round of the Joll Cup.

The Format was PAR.

The weather conditions were good with lots of sunshine and no rain around.

The course and greens were looking fantastic and playing well, which is becoming the norm for us lately. Thanks to the great job the greenkeeper and course staff are doing each week in keeping up the high standard. We have had ongoing comments from golfers & visitors that are not from our club about how nice the course and greens are to play on.

Results of the Saturday Sweep: Jeff Jane +5 , Ivor Sarten +5 , Shane Weir +4 , Peter Loppy +4 , Brendan Dew +3 , Robert Middleton +2 , Mike Burkart +2 , Pooch +2 , Sausage +2 , Ryan Wills +2.

Three Twos where scored on Saturday: Cliff Oxenham, Ross Gall , Lofty.

Raffle Results: S.Voyle, M.Burkhart, K.Mancer, R.Broardmore x 2 , John Chandler.

This Saturday the 23rd June we have the Joll Cup Top 16 Match Play & Flights Competition.

Joll Cup Draw Top 16 Handicap Match Play:

Gary Crawford v Robin Broadmore, Ryan Wills v Dennis Taylor, Bruce Taylor v Colin Upson, Brendan Dew v Peter Loppy.

Ivor Sarten v Robert Butler, Cliff Oxenham v Richard Hamel, Robert Middleton v Kingston Taylor Voyle, Mike Burka