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News Letter


Club Captains Report

I am writing this report with the information that I have collected from other sources as I was not in Taranaki last weekend.

I do not have some of the information, but I will do my best so if someone or something is not in the report I apologize now.

On Saturday the 7th July we had the Semi-finals of the Joll Cup & Flights Competition.

The weather in Taranaki I have heard through the grapevine was overcast conditions with showery periods throughout the day.

Sounds like the weather that we had in Taupo and the rest of the country, pretty average at best.

The Finalists for the Joll Cup are Robert Middleton & Bruce Taylor.

The Finalists for the Flights are Robbie Busing & one other to be confirmed.

The Finals for the Joll Cup & Flights Competition will be played on the 21st July.