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Club Captains Report

On Saturday the 14th July we had a Joll Cup Spare Day.

We had a Stableford Competition plus count your total putts in the round.

Saturday was the pick of the weekend weather-wise, a nice winters day with lots of sunshine and no wind to speak of. We had a good turnout of golfers for the stableford competition to make the most of that weather.

The course, and especially the greens, are looking in a fantastic condition at the moment and it is a pleasure to play on them.

Sweep Stableford Results: John Chandler 44, Bruce Taylor 42, Nathan Loppy 42, Richard Ransfield 39, Richard Hamel 38, Robert Butler 38, Michael Loppy 38, Kevin Mancer 38, Peter Loppy 37, Jim Newlove 37, John Van Der Leeden 37.

The winner of the Putting competition was the “King of the Twos” Ivor Sarten with 25 putts in total.

There were three twos on Saturday. Shane Weir 3rd, Nathan Loppy 11th, Steven Voyle 3rd (Two balls each on the board).

Raffle Results: S.Voyle, Robert, Carl Beal, Jeff Jane, Pauline, Brian Mullins, Colin Upson, Kevin Mancer.

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