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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 28th July we had a RABBITS competition (Hidden Holes Stableford).

We did not have a big field of golfers, but I think it was to do with the weather conditions again. Wet, cold, overcast and showery all day, similar to last weekend. Oh well, I suppose it is winter, bring on summer I say.

Results of Rabbits Comp: Darryl Baird 34 , Peter Loppy 34 , Robin Broardmore 32 , Terry Butler 31 , Austin Wood 30 , Ivor Sarten 30 , Bryan Bellamy 29.

There were three Twos on Saturday. Austin Wood 3rd , Robin Broadmore 3rd , Darryl Baird 5th ( One ball each on the board ).

Raffle Results: Dot Colville, Robert B, Kerry Voyle , Steven Voyle , Wayne Beal , Garry Crawford , Kerry Edgcombe.

This Saturday the 4th August we have the Lye Trophy Round One

Format is Par.

This is a Mass Start at 9.30am (Donation Entry Fee)

Men’s End of Year Tour.