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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 28th July we had a RABBITS competition (Hidden Holes Stableford).

We did not have a big field of golfers, but I think it was to do with the weather conditions again. Wet, cold, overcast and showery all day, similar to last weekend. Oh well, I suppose it is winter, bring on summer I say.

Results of Rabbits Comp: Darryl Baird 34 , Peter Loppy 34 , Robin Broardmore 32 , Terry Butler 31 , Austin Wood 30 , Ivor Sarten 30 , Bryan Bellamy 29.

There were three Twos on Saturday. Austin Wood 3rd , Robin Broadmore 3rd , Darryl Baird 5th ( One ball each on the board ).

Raffle Results: Dot Colville, Robert B, Kerry Voyle , Steven Voyle , Wayne Beal , Garry Crawford , Kerry Edgcombe.

This Saturday the 4th August we have the Lye Trophy Round One

Format is Par.

This is a Mass Start at 9.30am (Donation Entry Fee)

Men’s End of Year Tour.

A reminder that the men’s annual tour is only three months away, your trip fees are due by October into the trip account:

TSB 15-3956-0654678-26 (please reference your name).

  • No Cash is accepted at the club thanks.

  • Please make sure that your contribution toward breakfast (aka three putt club) has reached at least $20.00 before we leave.

  • Also note that the trip this year is Sat-Sun-Mon (November 3rd to 5th ) as opposed to the traditional Fri-Sat-Sun.

Any questions see Paul R.

Thank You.

Steven Voyle.

Manukorihi Club Captain.


Le Dejeuner Catering Wednesday Club.

The Wednesday lads had a great day playing from the yellow tees, they played in threes. This was a team event scoring using a coloured ball, each player playing eternal (sic, alternate, although the author was right in my case) shots with the coloured ball to score. The best teams with 43 points were Austin Wood, Peter Loppy and Don Bowers, also Jamie Clarges, Mike letterman and John Chandler. Don Bowers was the best with 47 points from Cliff Oxenham on 44. There were two 2s by Austin and John Vanders. Brett Kerr had two 2s but couldn’t part with a $1. The highlight of the day was Geoff Peters picking up the jackpot of $151.00, well done Geoff.

Bob Crow made it tough from the yellow tees picking up the wooden spoon with 31 points.

Editor’s note – apologies for omitting the wooden spoon winner from last week’s n/letter, David Butler was just too modest to mention it in his report!!!

Le Dejeuner raffle winners, Brain Conley, Don Bowers, John Chandler and Geoff Peters.

The Wednesday match play starts next week, names are up on the board.



Saturday Ladies

Saturday’s competition was LGU, Home Pennant and Bleakley Tray, all nett. While most of us struggled to score, Jo Broadmore found her form and came in with an amazing nett 65. Well done Jo you collect the days $5.00 voucher. We weren’t sure you played the same course as the rest of us. Joy Andrews also get a $5.00 voucher for a drawn two.

Putting results were: Nicole Mancer & Christine Ogle 3pts-30 putts, Kath Alvis 2pts-31 putts and Joy East 1pt for 32 putts.

This Saturday there is a mass start for the Lye Trophy. 9.30 start.


Tuesday Ladies

Quite pleasant conditions today but very soft underfoot. We were lucky enough to finish our games before the rain came.

Dot C won the 9 Holers voucher with a Nett 38.

Putting results were: Dot C 3 pts for 11, Rhonda and Norma 2 pts for 16 and Joan 1 pt for 18. Your Chemist voucher was won by Norma.

Chris won a $5 voucher with a Nett 72, and Joy A $5 for a Nett 73.

Putting results were: Joy A 3 pts for 29, Fay and Jo 2 pts for 30 and Mary 1 pt for 34.

2s were drawn and a $5 voucher for Chris and Lesley.

Our Chemist voucher was won by Kath and Rhonda McF won the raffle.

Next week is the first round of the Manukorihi Cup and the starter is Joy A.




CHIPPING: How to practice & improve your Chipping

Take 6 balls, your 8 iron, PW & Lob. Go to the edge of the green & hit 2 balls with each club. Take notice as to which club hits the balls nearer to the pin. Putt them into the hole. Now go to a different position & repeat 2 balls with each club & again notice which club suits the lie & angle of shot. Again, have a game with yourself & putt them into the hole so that you are also practising your putting. Now go to another spot & repeat the exercise. Many golfers play the same club wherever they are around the green which then becomes their “favourite club” but not necessarily the easy club to use from the lie. Try the practice routine & see new results from a Sound Chipping Drill.

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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