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Club Captains Report

On Saturday the 4th August we had the first round of the Lye Trophy. This was a mass start at 9.30am and the format was Par. The entry fee is a donation to the Lye family who pass this money onto charity and we collected $120.00 in the first round.

We had a great turnout of golfers for the Mass start and a lot of it was due to the fantastic weather conditions we had on Saturday. The weather gods must have heard my complaints in last week’s newsletter and felt sorry for me and gave us a lovely sunny winters day with little to no wind around.

The course and greens were presented in an immaculate condition and it was just a great day to play a round of golf.

First Round Leaders Lye Trophy Men: Robin Broadmore +6, Darryl Baird +5, Terry Butler +4, Nathan Loppy +4, Carl Beal +4.

First Round Leaders Lye Trophy Ladies: Jo Broadmore, Joy East, Lesley Elliot (All Square)

There were five twos scored on Saturday: Alister Baker 3rd, Jamie Clarges 3rd, Brian Rattenbury 7th (one ball each on the board).

The Jackpot Twos was struck this week by Kevin Mancer 5th & 15th Holes ($60 .00 & 2 balls on the Board)

We sold sixty raffle tickets. Thanks again to everyone for taking the raffles as the revenue goes into the day to day running of our golf club.

Raffle Results: Robert, Peter Loppy, Lofty x 2, Richie, Jeff Jane , S Voyle , Gary Crawford , Ratz , Martin Hobbs.

This Saturday the 11th August is the Lye Trophy Round Two.

Format: Par.

Mass Start at 9.30am.

Entry Fee Donation.

On Sunday the 26th August we have the KIWI BUTCHER OPEN TOURNAMENT.

The starting sheets and tee Times 10am – 11.10am are now up in the clubrooms.

It would be great to have a full field of golfers for this competition like we had last year so get your four together or just put your name up on an available tee time.

This is a great day and there are some very nice meat packs to be won, donated by our club sponsor, Kiwi Butchers.

Thank You.

Steven Voyle.

Manukorihi Club Captain.


Le Dejeuner Catering Wednesday Club.

The day wasn’t looking great as the lads headed down the fairways a little bit earlier to beat the rain that was on its way. This was the first round of the Wednesday Club match play with Dave Yates winning well with a +6, Austin Wood +3, Don Bowers and John Vanders +2, Cliff Oxenham and Brett Kerr finishing the day with +1. Graeme Parsons had a day to forget with a -6 to pick up the wooden spoon, the three that were -5 were well relieved. John Vanders had the only 2, again. Le Dejeuner raffle winners, Harry Williams, Tony Bromfield, Graeme Parsons and John Chandler picked up 2, The second round of match play next week, also the flights start as well.



Saturday Ladies

No Saturday play! see above in Steve's post

Tuesday Ladies

What a beautiful day to play our first round of the Manukorihi Cup. Some of the golf reflected the day and the results for the 9 Holers were:

Dot B bt Frances, Norma bt Colleen and Dot C bt Joan.

Results for the 18 Holers were:

Lesley bt Helen W, Marie bt Joc, Jo bt Robyn and Bev and Kath ended all square but Kath gave the match to Bev as she didn’t think her buggy would make it, poor battery's a bit tired!!

Twos were drawn and the lucky $5 voucher winners were Bev and Helen J.

Helen J was on a roll as she also won the raffle.

The lovely blanket which Frances made for our trip funds was won by Colleen.

Next week is the 2nd rnd of the Manu Cup and the starter is Fay.




Taking the Club Back Altogether is a common phrase spoken about but not done often enough when playing?? It simply means that the left shoulder & the left arm, both hands & club head start the backswing all in one piece !! this will definitely help you become a better golfer. So, take that Club away Slowly & Altogether.

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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