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Club Captains Report

On Saturday the 11th August we had the second round of the Lye Trophy Competition.

It was a very nice day, lots of sunshine and no wind which made great conditions to play golf and a good field of golfers.

As usual, the course and the greens are looking fantastic and we have had a lot of positive comments on the condition of the course.

I would like to thank our president David Butler (Le Dejeuner) for donating the prizes for the winners and runners-ups in the Lye Trophy.

The total donations collected for the two rounds of the Lye Trophy was $386.50 to go to the Lye family to pass on to their chosen charity. This is a Thank You from us and a great effort from the members of the Manukorihi Golf Club.

Congratulations to Darryl Baird & Joy East, 2018 winners of the Lye Trophy.

Lye Trophy Results Men: Darryl Baird +10, Kerry Edgcombe +7, Austin Wood +5, Carl Beal +4, Terry Butler +4, Richard Ransfeild+3, John Davey +3, Ivor Sarten + 3.

Most improved shot swing over two rounds: Jim Newlove, 9 shot swing.

Lye Trophy Results Ladies: Joy East +5, Lesley Elliott +2, Christine Ogle, All Square.

Most improved shot swing over two rounds: Fay Rowe 7 shot swing.

The prizes for the above players are in the freezer ready for collection.

There were eight twos on Saturday: David Butler 15th, Digby Taylor 3rd, Jo Broadmore 11th, Kevin Mancer 15th, Darryl Baird 3rd, Bryan Bellamy 15th. (One Golf Ball On The Board).

The Jackpot Twos was struck by John Raynor on the 3rd & 15th holes ($60.00 + Golf Ball).

Raffle Results: John Chandler, Dot Bowers, Wayne Beale x 2, Rattz, Carl Beale, Big Al, Gary Crawford, Colin Upson, Cristine Ogle.

This Saturday the 18th August we have the LF Trueman Memorial Trophy.

The Format will be Stableford.

Note from Match Committee:

There will be a match committee meeting on Saturday 18 August at 3pm (Men’s Top Dog Draw)

Has anyone in the club got a set of golf clubs or trundler (Not antiques from the 1950s) lying around in their sheds or homes that they no longer use anymore and are willing to donate to the club so that they can be used for our hired clubs.

We had a clean out on the weekend and we do not have very many suitable sets of clubs for hire to the public.

The Kiwi Butchers Open Tournament on Sunday the 26th August is filling up fast so if you have intentions on playing put your names up as you only have a week to go.

It will be great to have a full field of players for this annual competition that has been very popular in past few years.

Thank You.

Steven Voyle.

Manukorihi Club Captain.


Le Dejeuner Catering Wednesday Club.

The weather on Wednesday was variable but still OK for golf. No real rain or sun but still acceptable for hitting that little round thing around.

Congratulations to the winners in the match play champs who move forward to the semis and flights next week. Best of luck to you all.

In the par competition the winner, by lot from John Van der Leeden, was Don Bowers 5 up, followed by John Davey with 4 up and then by lot with 3 up Jim Newlove, Dave Yates and Tony Bromfield. Darryl Baird had a two on the 3rd and won two golf balls while the tail end Charlie winning the wooden spoon with -3 was Richard Crowe. I might add he did mutter and mumble a bit about that great victory - but we won't say any more about that!!!

The raffle winners were John Chandler, Peter Loppy, Austin Wood and Geoff Peters.

See you all again next week.



Saturday Ladies

Congratulations to Joy East who won the Ladies Lye Trophy, finishing 5 up over the two Par rounds.

This weekend we play the annual challenge between the Weekend Pennant team and the Mid-week Ladies.

The nine hole competition is nett.


Tuesday Ladies

Golf was rained off this week. The matches that were to be played will now be played on the 28th August. The next round will be 4th September and the final on the 11th September.

Next week is LGU, Home Pennant & Bleakley Tray round 3. There is also a committee meeting.




Don’t be influenced by the way other golfers play the Game. You should set your own standard. Abide by the rules, be ready to play when it’s your turn, watch others play & say good shot when it was. What I’m getting at is some players hit the ball a long way, that doesn’t mean you have to. Whatever distance you hit the ball on average, that’s your power your “STANDARD.” You will hit it further as you improve your method but don’t let it become the be all & end all of playing. Golfers place too much emphasis on power & not enough on accuracy. Practice the short game & then INFLUENCE others BY YOUR SCORE !!

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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