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Club Captain Position

Note: from the Club Captain.

I will not be standing as Men’s Club Captain in 2019.

My spare time is restricted and I have to prioritise, I also have an overseas trip booked for next year. On a personal note, I would have liked to have dedicated more time to the Club Captains position. However, with other engagements and my full-time managers role at Nexans NZ I find my free-time has become limited these days which is frustrating.

I have really enjoyed holding the position of Club Captain and built long lasting relationships with many of Manukorihi Golf Club's members.

The Committee are now looking for expressions of interest for the Club Captains position next year.

If you would like background knowledge, information and support for the position come and have a chat to me, John Raynor or Robert Butler. John and Robert are the two people that gave me training and the support I needed the for the past two years.

Thanks Steve

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