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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 25th August we had the Taranaki Top Club Qualifying Event at Manukorihi Golf Club. We had a nice fine sunny day but with a very strong westerly wind towards the end of the round, which reflected in some of the scores posted.

Manukorihi Top Club Team for the District Final on Sunday 23rd September at the Inglewood Golf Club.

Senior: Bryan Bellamy - 1st Reserve Darryl Baird.

Intermediate: Steven Voyle – 1st Reserve Gary Crawford.

Junior: Marty Grafar – 1st Reserve Cliff Oxenham.

Womens: Joy East.

Sweepstake Voucher Winners In Each Division: Bryan Bellamy 71 Net , Darryl Baird 71 Net , Steven Voyle 71 Net, Gary Crawford 73 Net, Marty Crafar 66 Net, Cliff Oxenham 68 Net, Wayne Beal 65 Net.

There were five twos on Saturday, Brian Be