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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 25th August we had the Taranaki Top Club Qualifying Event at Manukorihi Golf Club. We had a nice fine sunny day but with a very strong westerly wind towards the end of the round, which reflected in some of the scores posted.

Manukorihi Top Club Team for the District Final on Sunday 23rd September at the Inglewood Golf Club.

Senior: Bryan Bellamy - 1st Reserve Darryl Baird.

Intermediate: Steven Voyle – 1st Reserve Gary Crawford.

Junior: Marty Grafar – 1st Reserve Cliff Oxenham.

Womens: Joy East.

Sweepstake Voucher Winners In Each Division: Bryan Bellamy 71 Net , Darryl Baird 71 Net , Steven Voyle 71 Net, Gary Crawford 73 Net, Marty Crafar 66 Net, Cliff Oxenham 68 Net, Wayne Beal 65 Net.

There were five twos on Saturday, Brian Bellamy 11th , Nathan Loppy 3rd , Darryl Baird 5th , Paul Fairhurst 15th , Ace Se’e 3rd.

Raffle Results: Gary Crawford x 2, Brendon Dew , Ted Danych , Nathan. L, Jo.B,

B. Mullin, Robert , Robin B , David De Villers.

On Sunday 26th August we had the Kiwi Butchers Open Tournament.

We had a perfect Taranaki winters day with plenty of sunshine and no wind.

The course and the greens were in a fantastic condition for both days over the weekend which is a credit to Paul and his staff.

Eighty-six golfers entered to play and there was a mix of Manukorihi club members and visiting members from around the province.

Kiwi Butchers Open Tournament Results.

Best Gross Over the Field: Warren Powell 73.

Senior Division:

1st Net: Richard Hamel 64. 2nd Net: Nathan Loppy 71.

1st Stableford: Robbie Sim 38. 2nd Stableford: Bruce Taylor 36. 3rd Stableford: Merv Kopu 36, 4th Stableford: Michael Owen 36. (Count Back)

Intermediate Division:

1st Net: John Van Der Leeden 64. 2nd Net: Robert Butler 68.

1st Stableford: Lee Hughes 41. 2nd Stableford: Shane Weir 40. 3rd Stableford: Ian Titter 40. 4th Stableford: Geoff Peters 39. 5th Stableford James Ropitini 38. 6th Stableford: Phillip Madgwick 37. 7th Stableford: Danny Manu 37. 8th Stableford: Roger Cloke 37.

9th Stableford: Gary Crawford 37. 10th Stableford: Ian Johnson 37. 11th Stableford: John Raynor 37. 12th Stableford: Peter Bingham 36. 13th Stableford: Cliff Oxenham 36 (Count Back)

Junior Division:

1st Net: Carl Beal 64. 2nd Net: John Davey 65.

1st Stableford: Robin Potts 43. 2nd Stableford: Jermaine Martin 43. 3rd Stableford: Michael Loppy 42. 4th Stableford: Don Bowers 40 (Count Back).

Ladies Division:

1st Net: Joy East 71. 2nd Net: Trudy McEldowney 75

1st Stableford: Robyn Robins 36. 2nd Stableford: Fay Rowe 32.

I would like to thank the club members that helped with the smooth running of the Kiwi Butchers Open Tournament. I will not mention names, but you know who you are. Without the help we get from these people we would not be able to run the tournament.

I would also like to thank Jan our club caterer for the nice food that we all got to eat at the end of our rounds.

Thanks to Peter Wills for the use of his chiller to keep the meatpacks and our liquid refreshments nice and cold.

Last, but by no means least, I would like to thank Kiwi Butchers for their ongoing sponsorship for this Open Tournament.

This Saturday 1st September we have the Men’s Top Dog Qualifying Round One.

The Format is Combined Stableford.

Thank You.

Steven Voyle.

Manukorihi Club Captain.


Le Dejeuner Catering Wednesday Club.

There was no Wednesday play due to a wet day.

Hopefully next week we are playing the match play final between John Vanders and Phil Wilson,

The Wednesday club is a great day, with a 9 30 am start from three tees, Le Dejeuner pies to the winners, twos, jackpot and raffles to be had.

Followed by a beer and a chat.

Great to see you at the best course in town,

See you all again next week.



Saturday Ladies

We all left home feeling the warmth of the sun on Saturday morning - until that is when we arrived at golf and felt the bitter wind whipping through. Golf bags were searched and some begged and borrowed for additional layers of clothing.

Thankfully a few holes in the temperature did go up but for some it did not help the golf. Winner of the comp of the day was Joy East with net 73, she also won the Bleakley Tray for the Saturday division.

Tuesday Bleakley Tray winner was Joy Andrews. Joy East was the Top Club qualifier.

Saturday putting results, Joy E 3 pts 31 putts, Nicole and Kath 2pts 34 putts, Jo B 1 pt 36 putts. Tuesday putting, Joy A 3 pts 33 putts, Marie 2 pts 37 putts, Fay 1 pt 38 putts. No twos, so drawn cards and Marie was the winner.

Next week’s Saturday competition has Bingo Bango Bongo as the comp of the day.

Jo B

Tuesday Ladies

Another lovely day for golf with 4 matches being played in the Manukorihi Cup and all pretty close.

In the 9 holers Dot B bt Rhonda McF 2/1.

In the 18 holers Joy E bt Bev on 18th, Marie bt Chris on 20th and Jo bt Fay 3/1.

Helen Watt won the $5 sweep for the others.

Joy E had an off the green putt for a 2 so $5 for you.

The Chemist voucher was won by Mary and Dot B won the raffle.

The starter next week is Pauline.




To write down your personal notes is a very good way of improving.

In the previous Lesson on Pitching, when you are learning your gears, write down the distance of each gear.

When you practice hitting 20 balls with your 8 iron find the average distance, then write it down. This becomes your standard length. Do the same with all your clubs. When you play a strange course, having your list of distances will be a great help in club selection.

Whenever I give a Lesson I write it down for my “Rising Stars!!” for them to take away & hopefully add to.

Every week watching the world stars the first thing they do when they are walking after the tee shot is pull out their personal notes & say “what do I know about the next shot ??”

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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