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Club Captains Report

For the third Saturday in a row we have had lots of sunshine and very little wind. This was the last day of winter so bring on spring and summer golf.

On Saturday 1st September we had the first qualifying round of the Men’s Top Dog Competition which is combined Stableford for the first two rounds of qualifying.

Results and leaders after the first round.

Kerry Edgcombe / Martin Nobbs 81 , Gary Crawford / Peter Loppy 78 , Robert Butler / Shane Weir 78 , Robin Broadmore / Greg Fowler 71 , Kevin Mancer / Richard Ransfield 70.

John Raynor / Barry Newlove 69 , Mike Letterman / John Vanders 68 , Steven Voyle / David Butler 66 , Jamie Clarges /Tony McDowell 62 , Ian Titter / Phil Wilson 42 , Ace Se’e / Al Baker 38.

Sweepstake Voucher Winners: Kerry Edgcombe 44, Robbie Busing 44, Shane Weir 43, Brendan Dew 42 , Gary Crawford 40 ,Greg Fowler 39 , Don Bowers 39.

There were three twos on Saturday. Brendan Dew 8th (Two golf balls on the board)

The Jackpot Twos was struck by Robbie Busing on the 5th & 8th Holes.

Congratulations Robbie for your two and your Eagle on the par four eighth hole ( $60.00 and Four golf balls on the board).

Raffle Results: David .B , JR , John Vanders , Carl.B , Lesley , Robert , Gary.C , Martin Nobbs.