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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 22nd September we had the Quarter Final of the Men’s Top Dog Competition.

It was a nice sunny spring day with a bit of wind around but pleasant conditions to play a round of golf.

The greens were a bit tricky to putt on due to the vert draining holes that were done earlier in the week.

As the greenkeeper said, this maintenance needs to be done and the greens will be better than ever in a couple of weeks’ time.

There was a Saturday Haggle and the Format was Stableford.

Results & Voucher Winners: Michael Loppy 46 , Brett Kerr 42 , Ivor Sarten 40 , Ian Titter 40 , Ace Se’e 39 , John Davey 39 , Kevin Mancer 39 , Steven Voyle 39 , Mike Letterman 38 , Robin Broadmore 38 , Austin Wood 38 , Jamie Clarges 38, Bryan Bellamy 38.

There were two twos on Saturday: Michael Loppy 3rd , John Van Der Leeden 15th (Three Balls Each )

Raffle Results: Brian Mullin , Robin B , Kerry Voyle , Austin Wood , Jo.B , Gary Crawford , Big Al , Robert x 2 , K.Edgcombe.

This Saturday 29th September we will have a Haggle Competition.

The Format will be Par & Count Your Putts.

On Sunday 23rd September the Top Club Competition was held at the Inglewood Golf Club.

The Inglewood course was presented in an immaculate condition and the greens were very fast to putt on.

The president said in his speech that they had slowed them down for us to play on for the day ,Yeah Right!!

The Manukorihi team of Brian Bellamy , Steven Voyle , David Butler , Joy East finished in seventh place out of twelve teams entered.

Congratulations to Brian Bellamy for winning the best stableford score for the Senior division with 39 points.

The winner of the Top Club Competition for 2018 was the host club Inglewood.

Thank You.

Steven Voyle.

Manukorihi Club Captain.


Le Dejeuner Catering Wednesday Club.

A little bit windy with the odd shower which made the day a little tough.

John Van Der Leeden was the best on the day with 40 points from Kerry Edgcombe 39, Phil Wilson, Tony Bromfield, and Rodney Jupp all 38. Rick James, Cliff Oxenham, Mike Letterman Dave Yates and Carl Beale all finished with 37 points. Graeme Parsons had the only two at the 15th. Greg Fowler won a bag of chocolate fish with 29 putts, by lot from John Vanders, Carl Beale and Phil Daley.

Don Bowers takes home the wooden spoon with 29 points.

Le Dejeuner raffle winners, Phil Wilson, Dave Yates, Don Bowers and, one of our visitors, Bruce Bishop.

See you all again next week.



Saturday Ladies

Cool, breezy conditions to play in on Saturday. Dot Bowers continues to play good golf and she won the 9 Hole competition again with 17 stbf points. Lesley Elliott won the Hidden holes competition with 40 points and she collects the days $5.00 voucher. Lesley also won the putting (Most unusual) and got 3 points for 29 putts. Kath Alvis got 2 pts for 32 putts and Trish Crawford had 33 putts for 1 pt. It was nice to see Fiona back at golf and she got the drawn two for the day and gets a $5.00 voucher.This Saturday the 9 Holers play nett and the 18 Holers play LGU& Home Pennant.


Ladies Mixed Top Dog

After three weeks of a round robin competition we play the semi finals this Sunday.

Kevin and Nicole Mancer play John and Marie Rayner and Gary and Trish Crawford play Brent McNab and Joy East. The winners will go thru to the Final the following Sunday. The flight games to be also played this weekend - Darryl Baird and Fay Rowe play Robin and Jo Broadmore and Francois and Renette Scholtz play Dennis and Lesley Elliott.

Good luck for all matches. Looking forward to another fun Sunday.


Tuesday Ladies

No news but given the weather on Tuesday maybe not surprising!!!




The Mind Game, which would you prefer ??

Would you prefer to shoot a 69 & 3 putt the last or birdie the 18th for 70 ??

Would you prefer to go Eagle, Par or Birdie Birdie?

Ripping a great tee shot into an old divot or hitting a near perfect 2nd into 3 feet & then missing the putt ??!!

In between clubs, would you go for the “blast” & take the lower club or play the half shot ??

Would you prefer steady drizzle & no wind or no rain & a strong wind ??

Do you prefer to play with the “toys out of the pram player” or the notorious slow coach ?

Would you prefer a 5 footer downhill left to right or a 15 footer straight uphill ??

Just be thankful you don’t have these decisions to make for a LIVING !!!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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