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Rules of the Manukorihi Golf Club (Inc)


RULES 2018

Rules of the Manukorihi Golf Club (Incorporated) Adopted by resolution of the members at an Annual General Meeting held at the club rooms Wills Road, Waitara on the Third Day of December 2018.

This revised copy of the Rules includes all amendments passed at General or Special meetings of the Club as of 3rd December 2018.


The Name of the Club shall be Manukorihi Golf Club (Incorporated).

(a) The Registered Office of the Club will be at the Clubhouse Wills Road Tikorangi or any other place decided by the Committee.


The Objects of the Club are:-

(a) To provide and maintain a high standard of facilities for the playing of golf, social activities or any other sport.

(b) To affiliate with any Society, Body, Association or Council having control of the

game of Golf in New Zealand or having similar objects or to join co-operate with or

subscribe to the funds of any such Society Body Association or Council for the

purpose of better attaining or furthering the objects or interests of the Club and its


(c) To purchase, take on, lease or exchange hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal property (including livestock) and any rights, privileges or easements necessary for the purpose of any of its objects.

(d) To sell improve manage develop cultivate exchange bail lease, sub-lease mortgage dispose of or turn to account or otherwise deal with the whole or any part of the real and personal property of the Club.

(e) To construct and maintain alter enlarge improve and adapt roads bridges reservoirs water courses pipes pumps and gates fences and other works that may be necessary for the attainment of any of the objects of the Club.

(f) To do all such other things as in the opinion of the Club may be an advantage to the members or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.


The membership categories will be determined by resolution passed at any General Meeting. Ordinary, Nine Hole and Life Members alone shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings or upon any ballot or to take part in the management of the Club

a) A resolution of the General Meeting that creates any category of membership may restrict the playing rights of the members of such category.

b) Persons wishing to become members will be elected to the Club's membership list according to the procedures outlined in Clause 3(f).

c) The membership of the Club and the membership categories may from time to time be limited at the discretion of the Committee.