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Club Captains Report

On Saturday the 29th September we had a Haggle and the Format was Par & Count Your Putts.

We have been very lucky with the weather on our club days lately with another nice sunny day and very little wind in the forecast.

The course and the greens are looking good with the greens starting to recover from the maintenance work done last week.

You would not think so though with only one two being scored on club day or maybe some of us just need more putting practice.

Results & Voucher Winners: Robert Butler +7 ,Michael Loppy +6 , Robin Broadmore +6 ,Ivor Sarten +5 , Greg Fowler +5 , Trever Hughes +5 , Shane Weir +5 , Nathan Loppy +5 , Bryan Bellamy +5 , John Van Der Leeden +5.

The winner of the count your putts was Robert Middleton with 24 putts.

There was only one two on Saturday and that was from Nathan Loppy on the 7th . (Six Golf Balls On The Board ).

Raffle Results: Ivor Sarten x 2 , S.Voyle , Ricey x 2 , Nicole, Jo.B , David Butler , Michael Loppy , Robin.B.