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Club Captains Report

The 2018 Shoot Out was started with the weather threatening to make the day more of a challenge than was already setup for. It held off until all completed, just a couple of light showers which didn't affect some of the players that were chasing the prize money.

Nathan and Trevor were down on the 10th Tee block attempting to cook the BBQ, waiting to find the other eight challengers who were playing the front nine.

Nathan and Trevor were pleased to see Chef Butts turn up to make sure the sausages were cooked and bread buttered correctly.

The next eight were found with Shane Weir topping the group with a 30 nett and Austin and Bing just scrapping in with 34.5 net each.

The ten hopefuls teed off the 10th after a short gathering and bragging was completed. The first to drop off was Robin after a chip off with Vanders. JR was locating the area for chip offs and made sure skill was required to stay alive.

Vanders enjoyed the chip off so much he was involved in one on the next hole and he was the next to fall.

Playing the 12th hole next and Nathan’s back was against the wall with everyone else getting shots and he became the next man to fall.

Stroke hole one was the next hole to survive and there was a bit of unfortunate luck for Richie as he lost a ball. We think it stayed nestled in a tree, which with so many people on the hole following the play it was surprising that no one saw where it went, so Richie was against it from there on and didn't manage to make a comeback.

Austin dropped out on the fourteenth.

With half the field gone some followers started to cheer for their favorite player thinking they may get a cut of the winnings and Jo was on to Trevor Hughes bag like a flash. Bing was now the lowest handicap and giving the shots on the par 3 15th, once again it was like lamb to slaughter.

Going down the 16th Shane was the only su