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News Letter


Club Captains Report

On the weekend of Saturday 3rd November to Monday the 5th November the Manukorihi Men had their annual golf tour.

It was a great weekend away up north with a good bunch of guys which I believe all had a great time together on tour.

I would like to thank Paul Rauputu & Shane Weir for organizing the trip as it went off without a hitch all weekend.

I would also like to thank the van drivers for their efforts in getting all of us there and home safely.

Last of all I would like to thank the thirty-two players that came away on the tour for their behaviour and great attitudes to the whole tour.

All the players that were away on tour I would go with again as they represented Manukorihi Golf Club with pride and passion.

The golfers that got the toys don’t take it to heart, it is just a bit of fun.

There is some changes in the wind for next year that I think are a good idea to make it fairer for the higher handicappers.

Those three golf courses we played over the weekend all had their challenges for all of us at times.

I am looking forward to next year’s trip already even though it has taken me a couple of long days at work to get over this one. See report below.

On Saturday 10th November we have Captains Choice 2 Man Ambrose Competition.