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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 10th November we had the Captains Choice, Two Person Ambrose Competition.

This was a Mass start at 9.00 a.m and the format was combined handicap divided by two & best net.

I think everyone that played in this competition enjoyed their day by the positive comments that I received after the round.

We made it a free day to enter and only had Xmas raffles for players to purchase if they wanted to.

JR came up with the idea for the picking of partners by lining everyone up in two lines 20 handicap & below in one line and 20 handicap and above in the other and then we started at the front and matched up the pairs.

It was a good opportunity to play with someone that you do not normally play with on a Saturday and this included the ladies and the new members as well.

Results Of The Day: John Rayner / Helen Watt Net 51 , Steven Voyle / Trish Crawford Net 52.5 , Mike Burkhart / Shane Weir Net 52.5 , Paul Fairhurst / Al Baker Net 52.5 , Fay Rowe / Jim Newlove Net 53 , Peter Loppy/ Austin Wood Net 53.5 , John Davey / Murray Peterson Net 53.5.

Raffle Results No 1 : Martin N , Tony Mac , Gary. C x 2 , Mike Burkhart - No 2 : John Vanders , Bing , Jim Newlove , Gary.C , Digby.

On Saturday 17th November we have the Manukorihi Cup Round One & Purdie Cup Qualifying Round.

The Format will be Stableford.

On Saturday17th November the Men’s Champion of Champions Competition will be played at Te Ngutu Golf Club. Good luck to our 2018 team: Daryll Baird , Kingston Taylor Voyle , Brendon Dew.

On Sunday the 25th November we have the Open Xmas Hamper at Manukorihi Golf Club

We have reduced it to one field this year. Tee Off between 8.30am – 9.45am.

The Tee sheets are up in the clubrooms but be in quick as there are limited spaces available.

First In First Served.


From the President.

The Manukorihi Golf Club Incorporated resolved at the last AGM meeting to revise and update the rules of the Manukorihi Golf Club,

This has been completed and passed by the Committee on the 15th October 2018,

There are draft copies of these rules in the club rooms for you to have a read of, please do not take them away, if you require a copy they are on the web site under news.

If you have any inquires on the rules, please can you put it in writing to the committee meeting on the 19th November 2018.

The revised copy of the rules includes all past amendments and will be passed at the Manukorihi Golf Clubs AGM 3rd December 2018.

The Clubs AGM is not far away, there is a nomination form on the clubs notice board. The committee is looking for a men’s and ladies club captain, vice club captain, and committee members. If you think that you would enjoy the opportunity of being involved please have a chat to myself or any of our current committee members.

Many thanks to Phil Wilson for taking on the recycling of the bottles.

Twilight is going well, Every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm. All welcome.

Many Thanks

David Butler



Wednesday Club

A great turn out on a very sunny day, with most of the scores pretty hot as well. The best of the day was Rod Andrews with 46 points from Robert Middleton and David Butler both 45, Greg Fowler 44, Trevor Hughes 43, Barry Burns and Ivor Sarten 42, Kerry Edgcombe and Peter Loppy 41. Graeme Parsons 40. and the rest all on 39 points, Jim Dawson, Rodney Ward, Ted Danych, Don Bowers and John Chandler. Don Bowers had only 26 Putts, best of the day. Brett Kerr and Trevor Hughes both had 2s, at the 3rd and 15th respectively.

Raffle winners, Bob Crow, Barry Burns, Jim Dawson and John Chandler picked up 3.

The Wednesday Xmas hamper will be on the 12th December.


See You next week


Saturday Ladies

A good group of ladies joined in the mass start last Saturday. It was a fun day and was enjoyed by everyone who participated.

This Saturday the Top Dog competition continues. The 9 Hole competition is Starters Choice.

Joy East and Nicole Mancer competed in the Champion of Champions at Stratford last Sunday. They finished 8th in their sections. Lesley Elliott made up the Rosebowl team with them but again we finished down the field. Thanks to the ladies who came to caddy on the day. The support was much appreciated.


Tuesday Ladies

Ladies Shootout We teed off on a beautiful sunny Tuesday, using the 9Hole course and cards.We had 11 players with competitors from the 9 holers and 18 holers playing .Starting on the 13th, the first golfer to be eliminated shall remain anonymous!The standard of play was exceptional with the highlight of the day being Frances Butler with an incredible Net 1 on the par 3 15th. Her first ever par, on a par three.Well done Frances.Despite playing 10 holes in total there was only one blind chip off, much to my disappointment.The winner was Dot Bowers with Helen Jenkins 2nd and Rhondda Foreman 3rd.Congratulations to all those who took part.


Help is at Hand

If you fit the description, or you know someone that fits the description let them know. Let’s take advantage of this great offer:





DATES : NOV. 19TH 26TH & 3rd Dec.

at 5.00pm - 6.30pm



This week’s tip is about an Open Champion, George Duncan who won the Claret Jug in 1920 a couple of years before our own David Musker was born!

I had the privilege of meeting him in 1962 when I was caddying for my local Professional Alan Gillies. I was listening to a conversation about the swing being likened to a wheel & your head should be in the centre of this imaginary circle & it should be steady at all costs !!!

Have we heard this before !!!

Now it isn’t a vertical circle nor a flat one but between the two at about a 45 degree angle. Little head is stuck in the middle, your arms are the spokes & the ball is at the bottom. Boy this game sounds so easy & yet it isn’t !!! The reason being that you can’t see yourself as you’re swinging & every part of your body is moving on the way back & then on the way forward in only 2 seconds !?!? So the BIG TIP is to imagine a pencil on the end of your club & you scribe an arc backwards & then forwards as smooth & you can. Just like The Great George Duncan did at Royal Cinque Ports, Sandwich, winning with a 4 round total of 303, hickory shafts & gutta percha balls !!!! HEAD STEADY & THINK OF YOUR CIRCLE !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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