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Club Captains Report

On Saturday 10th November we had the Captains Choice, Two Person Ambrose Competition.

This was a Mass start at 9.00 a.m and the format was combined handicap divided by two & best net.

I think everyone that played in this competition enjoyed their day by the positive comments that I received after the round.

We made it a free day to enter and only had Xmas raffles for players to purchase if they wanted to.

JR came up with the idea for the picking of partners by lining everyone up in two lines 20 handicap & below in one line and 20 handicap and above in the other and then we started at the front and matched up the pairs.

It was a good opportunity to play with someone that you do not normally play with on a Saturday and this included the ladies and the new members as well.

Results Of The Day: John Rayner / Helen Watt Net 51 , Steven Voyle / Trish Crawford Net 52.5 , Mike Burkhart / Shane Weir Net 52.5 , Paul Fairhurst / Al Baker Net 52.5 , Fay Rowe / Jim Newlove Net 53 , Peter Loppy/ Austin Wood Net 53.5 , John Davey / Murray Peterson Net 53.5.

Raffle Results No 1 : Martin N , Tony Mac , Gary. C x 2 , Mike Burkhart - No 2 : John Vanders , Bing , Jim Newlove , Gary.C , Digby.

On Saturday 17th November we have the Manukorihi Cup Round One & Purdie Cup Qualifying Round.