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January 2019 Club Captains Report


Club Captains Report

Hello to all…

Welcome to my first club captain’s newsletter report (better late than never), thanks to JR and the team for covering me over the last couple of months as I have fitted in a new job etc.

Firstly, thanks to all the members who have taken up several roles on committees, bar and the clubs volunteers. Our club just won’t go ahead without these people giving up their own time and putting in the effort. The course… well, what can we say really! it’s a credit to Paul and Pop and all the helpers to achieve a very high standard and then to maintain it. The course looks great and a lot of comments are being made to that effect, let alone some of the scores that have been posted over the last few weeks.

So, thanks team much appreciated!

Last week’s results.

Well, we had some great weather and scoring with a couple of nets in the fifties (Robert ‘CHOPCHOP’ Butler has noticed and has sharpened the pencil) so the father son duo of Batman and Robin are in for the chop from their arch rival THE HANDICAPPER.

Purdie Cup finals.

Two fine warriors have made it into the final and are set to battle it out this week. Jim Newlove will need to show no love against the master of the Saturday night fever dance. Bing has learnt the art of using the dance move to tee off long and straight. Not only does it look good, but he took out Ivor ‘the arrow’ Sarten on Saturday to make the final. Good luck lads all the best.

Upcoming events.