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Club Captains Report

Hello to all, hope we are all enjoying this great weather. So let’s get started ...the track has been laid between the fifth and sixth, a big thanks to all who helped ...looks fantastic. The course was in great condition again , and the scores showed. Saturday saw the first round of the Hone Heke two round cup and the bolter is …..yes again Tony Pope and with a score 54 ….that’s right, 54 net, I think the real pope was on his side. Great round Tony enjoy it while it lasts and keep up the good golf. The next best was Dennis the Menace Elliot (good golf Dennis)….on 63 and followed by a heap of good scores in the low to mid sixties, so well done to all. I had the pleasure to play a round on Saturday with a couple of characters and they were Gary the clown Crawford and his mate Zoro Broadmore who both played quite well and took the soft drinks off us. Then there was old ….Forest Gump … big in stature ...big smile all day and an absolute pleasure to play golf with ……….but his game is just like a box of chocolates, you really didn't know what you going to get. I say this with a smile as he showed what golf should be about in my mind anyway. He played for the love of the game and played in great spirit even though we jibe him about the billabong , the underarm and even the sandpaper debacle. He helped feed the cattle in the paddock down the 8th with a few balls ….5 or 6 maybe?. But well-done Marty Forest Nobbs, great day and hang in there it will come….

Next Week Hone Heke round two and shoot out

Sunday Pennants Manukorihi 1 and 2 played at Waitara on Sunday and hot it was. The course was in good nick and some good thought matches were played. The number 1 team came up a bit short against Tumahu even with JR winning and the number 2 team snuck in a win over the home side, just. Thanks to all who represented the club and let’s keep it going next week at Waverly.

Thanks for your time Lofty Club Captain.

There have been some dates revised to the 2019 event calendar in the men’s section.

They are as follows.

Captains Choice split sixes Mass start will be now played on 9th March (Not 30th March)

Mens Strokeplay Rnd 1 will be played 16th March (not 9th March)

Mens Strokeplay Rnd 2 will be played 23rd March (not 16th March)

De Brett Cup will be played 30th March (not 6th April)

Also a spare day for Strokeplay Champs 30th March

Mens Strokeplay Champs 3rd and final round will be played 6th April (not 30th March)

Please adjust your calendar booklets and is also able to see these on the web site events calendar.

There will be starting sheets up for the weeks of the champs.

Thank You


Taranaki 5000

Come along and support Taranaki Golf's annual fundraiser to be held at Manukorihi Golf Course.

When: Sunday 17th March 2019

Where: Manukorihi Golf Course

There are 25 cash draws 12 x $100, 9 x $200, 4 x $500 and loads of prizes up-for-grabs

Entry $100 - strictly limited places available

See Paul R for more details

Kind regards

Paul Rauputu

Manukorihi Golf Club - Treasurer



Wednesday Club

Another hot day for golf, with Tony Pope having another hot round with 51 points, Robert chop chop is waiting. Cliff Oxenham 46, Jim Dawson 44. Other winners were Rod Andrews, Tony Bromfield, Phil Wilson, Graeme Parsons, Bob Crow, Dave Yates, Austin Wood and also Wendy one of our visitors from Wellington. There were four that had a 2, John Chandler, Rod Andrews, Cliff Oxenham and Greg Fowler. Jim Dawson had only 26 putts for his round. Raffle winners, Jim D, Harry, Colin, Jim Newlove and Tony,

The days have been very hot over the past weeks, would everyone be happy to start at 9am instead of 9:30?


Taranaki Solar Twilight. Thursday from 4pm to 6pm, Meals are available.


To note:

  • The pathway from the 5th green up to the 6th tee has been finished, this is a great improvement and hopefully keep carts and trundlers off the 12th and 6th tee areas.

  • This project was made possible with the sponsorship from David Nicholas Concrete for the clearing, labour and boxing and the donation from Richard Crowe for the cost of the concrete.

  • The new cart shed is all go and will start mid-March and hopefully be finished in time for the Vets week in April.

  • At the last committee meeting Marie Rayner was voted on as the club’s secretary, many thanks Marie.

David Butler



Saturday Ladies

What a lovely day to be on our beautiful golf course. We had a record 18 ladies 9&18 holers playing this week.

Dot Bowers won the 9 Hole Hidden Holes with 19 Stableford.

It was great to have Fiona Rook back and she won the days competition with a fantastic nett 63. Nicole Mancer also had a great game with a nett 67. They both get a $5.00 voucher. Twos were drawn and they went to Lesley Elliott and Jo Foreman. They also get a $5.00 voucher each.

Putting points: Fiona 3pts-29 putts, Christine & Nicole 2pts-30 putts and Lesley, Andrea & Jude 1pt for 32 putts.

Congratulations to the winners of the Trophies played for over Tuesday & Saturday. Fiona Rook won the Grandmothers’ Trophy with net 63 and Nicole Mancer won the Mothers’ Plate with a net 67. Frances Butler won the 9 Hole Grandmothers’ Trophy.

This Saturday the 9 Holers competition is Snake and the 18 Holers play 3 clubs & a putter. Nicole is the starter.

Ladies Pennants.

This Sunday 17th we host the Weekend Pennant competition at Manukorihi. Tee off is at 9.30 and we use 3 tees. Manukorihi will be playing Hawera.

On Monday 18th the Mid-week pennant competition gets underway. Manukorihi is playing Inglewood at Patea.

Good luck to both teams.


Tuesday Ladies

Another lovely day for golf but it was a bit of a gamble as we only had 3 clubs and a putter. No problems for Joc who gets a $5 voucher for 41 stfd and Joy East with 37 who also gets a $5 voucher.

Putting results were, Marie 3 pts for 27, Helen W and Jo get 2 pts for 30 and Joc 1 pt for 32.

There were 2x2s Joc on 15 and Helen J on 3 so $5 for you both.

In the 9 Holers Frances gets the $5 voucher on a c/b from Dot B.

Putting results were, Frances & Colleen 3 pts for 17, Dot & Joan 2 pts for 18 & Julie 1 pt for 23.

Our thoughts are with Dot C who is in the Hospice. We miss you Dot and know you are getting the best of care.

Rhonda McF won the raffle.

Just a thought, if possible, could the mid-week Pennant team wear either a black skirt, shorts or pants as it would make us look more unified and smart.

Next week we are playing Sarten Trophy 1st rnd Ecl, Lyn Foreman and Bates Trophy for Bronze 3 and the starter is Jo.

There is a Committee meeting and don't forget the Trading table.




The Right Elbow (for right hand players / left elbow for lefties) is a very important part of the body & must be used correctly to achieve Power. The elbow must bend approximately 90 degrees at the top of the backswing to make THE POWER & then pulling it into your side/tummy on the way down, before IMPACT. THE SECRET is being able to delay straightening the elbow, it’s called “The Late Hit.” If you straighten the arm/elbow too soon which we call “casting” you lose your power !!! Now understanding the use of the elbow in golf is like any sport where power is needed, take soccer or rugby when you have to kick the ball, you bend your leg approximately 90 degrees to get POWER. Cricket, squash, tennis, any bat, racket or club you bend either wrist or arm to create POWER, make the 90 DEGREES then PRACTICE THE LATE HIT for POWER don’t be throwing your “little body” at it or casting.

Lastly, you can think of the elbow on your practice swing but never whilst intending to hit the ball. The reason being, if you are concentrating on the proper position of your elbow just before impact you will push the ball !! You can’t then change your focus from the elbow onto hitting the ball because everything is happening so quickly !!! So get onto the practice tee & work on the ELBOW for POWER & when on the course think of your ELBOW during the Practice swing but not on THE BALL !!! It’s a hellova GAME !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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