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Club Captains Report

Hello to all, hope we are all enjoying this great weather. So let’s get started ...the track has been laid between the fifth and sixth, a big thanks to all who helped ...looks fantastic. The course was in great condition again , and the scores showed. Saturday saw the first round of the Hone Heke two round cup and the bolter is …..yes again Tony Pope and with a score 54 ….that’s right, 54 net, I think the real pope was on his side. Great round Tony enjoy it while it lasts and keep up the good golf. The next best was Dennis the Menace Elliot (good golf Dennis)….on 63 and followed by a heap of good scores in the low to mid sixties, so well done to all. I had the pleasure to play a round on Saturday with a couple of characters and they were Gary the clown Crawford and his mate Zoro Broadmore who both played quite well and took the soft drinks off us. Then there was old ….Forest Gump … big in stature ...big smile all day and an absolute pleasure to play golf with ……….but his game is just like a box of chocolates, you really didn't know what you going to get. I say this with a smile as he showed what golf should be about in my mind anyway. He played for the love of the game and played in great spirit even though we jibe him about the billabong , the underarm and even the sandpaper debacle. He helped feed the cattle in the paddock down the 8th with a few balls ….5 or 6 maybe?. But well-done Marty Forest Nobbs, great day and hang in there it will come….

Next Week Hone Heke round two and shoot out

Sunday Pennants Manukorihi 1 and 2 played at Waitara on Sunday and hot it was. The course was in good nick and some good thought matches were played. The number 1 team came up a bit short against Tumahu even with JR winning and the number 2 team snuck in a win over the home side, just. Thanks to all who represented the club and let’s keep it going next week at Waverly.

Thanks for your time Lofty Club Captain.

There have been some dates revised to the 2019 event calendar in the men’s section.

They are as follows.