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News Letter


Club Captains Report

Hello to all hope we are all enjoying this great golfing weather.

Let's get started. Saturday saw the last round of the Hone Heke Cup.

The Shoot-Out is ticking along so that's good. Don't forget to see the boss (Ian Titter) if you want get in on it.

The winner of the Hone Heke was Tony Pope with a very tidy net 49 over the two rounds, so well done Tony, keep it up.

Winners on Saturday were division one (0-18) John van der Leeden with 62 net followed by Peter Loppy with 66 and Robert Middleton with 67, good golf lads, keep it up.

Division two (19-50) This saw Terry Butler cementing his place at the top by building a rock solid net 64, the word on the street was he had laid the foundations early in the round and slowly built it into a smooth finish by floating in some pointed putts. Well done Terry. This was closely followed by the winner Tony Pope with 66 and Murray Peterson and Paul Clarkson on 67 net, good golf lads. Special mention to the club president on his round on Saturday. Chop Chop and myself along with Toko saw David (Woodchuck) Butler play out of trees most of the day with some cutting here and there….. so we had to ask the age old question; “how much wood could a woodchuck cut if a woodchuck could cut wood”. David’s answer (A LOT !!!!!). So, well done Woodchuck.

Subs are due this month team, so can we make arrangements / payments thanks.