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Club Captains Report

Hello to all hope we are all enjoying this great golfing weather.

Let's get started. Saturday saw the last round of the Hone Heke Cup.

The Shoot-Out is ticking along so that's good. Don't forget to see the boss (Ian Titter) if you want get in on it.

The winner of the Hone Heke was Tony Pope with a very tidy net 49 over the two rounds, so well done Tony, keep it up.

Winners on Saturday were division one (0-18) John van der Leeden with 62 net followed by Peter Loppy with 66 and Robert Middleton with 67, good golf lads, keep it up.

Division two (19-50) This saw Terry Butler cementing his place at the top by building a rock solid net 64, the word on the street was he had laid the foundations early in the round and slowly built it into a smooth finish by floating in some pointed putts. Well done Terry. This was closely followed by the winner Tony Pope with 66 and Murray Peterson and Paul Clarkson on 67 net, good golf lads. Special mention to the club president on his round on Saturday. Chop Chop and myself along with Toko saw David (Woodchuck) Butler play out of trees most of the day with some cutting here and there….. so we had to ask the age old question; “how much wood could a woodchuck cut if a woodchuck could cut wood”. David’s answer (A LOT !!!!!). So, well done Woodchuck.

Subs are due this month team, so can we make arrangements / payments thanks.

Pennant team players - please be reminded that you must be a financial member of the Club in order to represent the club. Please make sure your subs are up-to-date or you have made alternative arrangements with the Treasurer.

Next Week. Mass start at 9am, Captain vs Secretary, net comp and the Bleakley Tray round 1 net comp.

Urenui has the left handers coming up 10th March for those interested.

Please see the club website as there is some changes to the calendar to come thanks.

Sunday Pennants

Manukorihi 1 and 2 played at Waverly on Sunday and some of the guys played their first rounds down South. Comments were made on the lay out of the course and if anyone ever gets the chance to …..go play it it really is worth it and they are a good social bunch down there. As for the results not so good with both teams dropping their matches but there were some good games that went to the last, so, ...could have been different. Match of the day was probably Paul (the Rock) Fairhurst when he took down Opunake’s favorite son Aaron Langton. This was one piece of tall timber to cut down, so this is a feather in the cap, so well done the Rock. So 1 lost 5/4 and team two 7/2. Next week we are back to Kaitake and hope we can pull out a win each. Team 2 will be without Shane (the Muss) Weir as he has to mow the lawns... BUT, don’t panic….we have Gary (the Clown) Crawford back to take them on and the number 1 team have the Arrow Sarten and Lopsta back, I think.

Special thanks to the travelling supporters, it's great to have you guys along so keep it up.

Thanks for your time Lofty Club Captain.

There have been some dates revised to the 2019 event calendar in the men’s section.

They are as follows.

  • Captains Choice split sixes Mass start will be now played on 9th March (Not 30th March)

  • Mens Strokeplay Rnd 1 will be played 16th March (not 9th March)

  • Mens Strokeplay Rnd 2 will be played 23rd March (not 16th March)

  • De Brett Cup will be played 30th March (not 6th April)

  • Also a spare day for Strokeplay Champs 30th March

  • Mens Strokeplay Champs 3rd and final round will be played 6th April (not 30th March)

Please adjust your calendar booklets and is also able to see these on the web site events calendar.

There will be starting sheets up for the weeks of the champs.

Thank You

A Note From The Treasurer

The men's tour is venturing across the ditch (Gold Coast) in August, if you are interested see Paul R asap.


Taranaki 5000

Come along and support Taranaki Golf's annual fundraiser to be held at Manukorihi Golf Course.

When: Sunday 17th March 2019

Where: Manukorihi Golf Course

There are 25 cash draws 12 x $100, 9 x $200, 4 x $500 and loads of prizes up-for-grabs

Entry $100 - strictly limited places available

See Paul R for more details

Kind regards

Paul Rauputu

Manukorihi Golf Club - Treasurer



Vet’s Pennants

The penultimate round of Vet’s pennants was played at Fitzroy in very warm and windy conditions on Monday the 18th. Manukorihi Black played Fitzroy with mixed results.

John Rayner and Robert Middleton had a loss, John van der Leeden and John Chandler had a loss, Greg Fowler and Colin Upson had a win. Colin missed low round of the day by count back with a net 62, hard luck Colin, well played. Manukorihi Yellow played Westown Blue also with mixed results. Geoff Peters and Austin Wood had a win, Peter Loppy and Phil Wilson had a loss, Rod Andrews and Trevor Hughes had a win. Balls went to Robert Middleton, Austin Wood, Greg Fowler and Colin Upson, well done lads.

FINAL ROUND IS AT WESTOWN ON MONDAY 25th FEBRUARY. Manukorihi (black) play Inglewood (yellow). and Manukorihi (yellow) play Urenui. Good golfing everyone.


Rod Andrews.


Wednesday Club

Another great day with lots of run down the fairways that helped some of the lads having great scores.

Division one, the best of the day was Bruce Taylor with 40 points from John Vanders 38 and John Chandler and Peter Loppy with 35.

Division two, these lads had lots of run with again Tony Pope having a score of 51 points, Graeme Parsons 46, Cliff Oxenham 45. Phil Daley 44. Colin Upson 43 and Jim Dawson 42, there were 3 with 41 points that missed out by lot. Bruce Taylor had the least putts with 26 for a pack of bacon. There were no 2s. That doesn’t happen too often, the lucky raffle numbers were 30. 18. 27. 5. 14 and 13.

Next week we start at 9 15am


Taranaki Solar Twilight. Thursday from 4pm to 6pm, Meals are available.


Saturday Ladies

I think most of us are loving this fantastic summer we are having but playing golf in the heat is hard work. The coolie towels for the neck are more popular than ever.

Why do we have 14 clubs when really the scores are not much different with only 3 clubs and the putter. We certainly don’t have so many decisions to make.

Trish Crawford using only 3 clubs played beautiful steady golf and won the days competition with 44 stableford. Kath Alvis with 38 points took 2nd place on C/B from Fiona Rook. They both get a $5.00 voucher. There were 2 twos: Joy East on the 7th and Nicole Mancer on the 15th. They both get a $5.00 voucher as well.

Putting points went to: Joy E. 3pts-29 putts, Nicole & Trish 2 pts-30 putts, Lesley 1pt for 31 putts.

Dot Bowers won the 9 Hole Snake competition with 21 stableford.

This Saturday is a Mass Start for the Captain vs Secretary. 9am start.

Ladies Pennants.

We hosted a very successful day for Weekend Pennants on Sunday 17th. The overcast day made it very pleasant on the course.

Manukorihi had another win 3 ½ to 1 ½ over Hawera. We now have 4 points, 1st equal with Urenui and Te Ngutu.

The next round is at Urenui on 3rd March.

The Mid-Week team travelled to Patea on Monday 18th to play Inglewood. The result was close with Manukorihi having 1 win, 2 losses and 2 all square.

The next round is at Opunake against Urenui on Monday 25th Feb.


Tuesday Ladies

A pleasant day for golf as it was overcast so not too hot. Our caterer was away so no nice lunch to look forward to, especially if you forgot it!!

The best of the 9 Holers was Frances with a nett 35. Putting results were: Joan 3 pts for 14, Dot 2 for 15 and Frances 1 for 16.

Good results from the 18 Holers with Joy A taking out the first division with a net 69 and Helen J the 2nd with a net 68 on c/b from Robyn. A $5 voucher for you both.

Pauline had a 2 on 11th so $10 for you. Putting results were: Fay 3 pts for 29, Helen J 2 for 30 and Jo and Rhonda 1 for 32.

The raffle was won by Joc and next week we are playing the 2nd Rnd of the Frazer, Bates and Lyn Foreman Trophies and the starter is Robyn.

Nine Hole Open day

We are hosting the 9 Hole Open Day on Friday 1st March. The club will support the raffles for the day but if anyone would like to make a donation it will be much appreciated.



Hit your divot towards your target. If the club face is square on impact the ball must go towards the target, be it fairway, green or the hole. Well, using the important “6 inches” between the ears, if you imagine hitting the divot towards the target you must be a straighter player because of it !!! This thought will also improve ‘The Path of the swing’ which helps the flight of the ball. So, there’s a lot of sense in sending the Divot to the Target.

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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