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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Welcome to the first round of the Stroke-play champs. Firstly, the course… well what can we say really …. it’s a credit to Paul and Pop and the helpers to achieve a very high standard. The place looks great and a lot of comments are being made to that effect. Thanks team, much appreciated.

Last week’s results.

We had some great weather and scoring ----


  • (25-50) Peter wills 91, Michael Burkhart 96 , John Strong 97 , Terry Butler 101

  • (18-24) Steve Voyle 84, Asoese Se`e 85 , Jim Newlove 87 , Don Bowers 88

  • (10-17) Bryan Bellamy 74 , Garry Johnson 75 , John Rayner 79 , Robert Middleton 79

  • (0-9) Darryl Baird 74 , Carey Hobbs 75 , Ivor Sarten 76 , Jody Bound (Lofty) 78

Good golfing and may your putts drop over the next few weeks. The pace of play was pretty good on Saturday so let’s keep that up please. Can we all try to use the path when crossing over from the 11th to the 12th and not cut across the 6th tee block, thanks guys.

Taranaki 5000 was held on Sunday and yet another great day for most on the course (not for me). We had a few from the club enter and I think most of us picked a prize or two with Smoothie Rauputu pulling out the big game day swing, well done Smoothie, good golf. We had great conditions and good greens. So, a great day on course and by all accounts Taranaki golf was very impressed with how our club took on the event. We had 150 plus entry’s and a mass start. The field flowed well, and a lot of comments were made on how all the club members got stuck in helping with card entry’s and marking.

Busy day on the bar as well so well done JC and Joy and all the helpers. Great job…. Team. Many thanks to all who helped. It’s good to get other clubs’ positive feedback and it only builds a good reputation which is great for our club.

This week round two of Stroke-play champs so golf well.

Thanks, and good golfing.


Wednesday Club

Lovely weather for golfers on Wednesday and some really good rounds resulted.

Div 1 winners were:

Robin Broadmore 43 Stableford $15 voucher

John Vanders 40 Stableford $10 voucher

Tony Bromfield 39 Stableford $5 voucher

Pete Loppy 38 Stableford $5 voucher

Phil Wilson 38 Stableford $5 voucher

Div 2 winners were:

Tony Pope 50 Stableford $15 voucher (Ed note: has the handicapper defected!!)

Bob Crow 43 Stableford $10 voucher

Richard Crowe 42 Stableford $5 voucher

Graeme Parsons 42 Stableford $5 voucher

Pete Loppy had a two on the third and Robin Broadmore had a two on the fifth. All reports said that Robin came very, very close to having a hole-in-one with the ball hitting the pin and wobbling around, but the ace eluded him.

Lucky raffle winners were Bob Crow 2x, John Vanders, John Davey, Graeme Parsons, Robin Broadmore and Wayne Beale.

We are hoping for good weather next Wednesday when we can all meet again and have a great day at Manukorihi, enjoying good company and, with luck, great golf. Ooh, and luck with the raffles if the golf was not great.

Cheers everyone


Last couple of weeks of the Taranaki Solar Twilight. Thursday from 4pm to 6pm, Meals are available. Chase the ACE over $600!!!!!!!


Saturday Ladies

A reminder that the usual tee off time on Saturdays is 9.30 but names need to be in 20 minutes before so the draw can be done.

You can contact Lesley on 0276000950 or Joy on 0272805372 if you think you will be late and they will put your name in.

The 1st round of Saturday Nancy McCormick was played last weekend. The best pair on the day was Nicole & Sue with net 70.

The 2nd round is to be played this weekend. The others will play a haggle.

On Tuesday 26th The Tuesday ladies are playing LGU & Home Pennant. It is also a Qualifying round for the National teams’ event, if any of you wish to play in it. The National event is at Manukorihi on Wednesday 1st May.

Ladies Strokeplay

Divisions for Stroke-play will be decided after the handicap change on Thursday 21st March. Unfortunately, the greens will be having verticutting & vertidraining work done on them in the early weeks of April, on a Monday. This may mean a change of dates for Tuesday Stroke-play. Depending on the number of ladies available it could be played on the following Saturday or we will use the spare day at the end of April. Also, if you enter Strokeplay you must be available to go to the Champion of Champions at New Plymouth in November.

Tuesday Ladies

Another hot one for golf today, I'm sure we were all dripping. Once again, the best of the 9 Holers was Frances with a net 38. She also gets 3 pts for 16 putts, Dot B and Joan get 2 for 18 and Julie 1 for 21.

The best of the 18 Holers was Helen W with a net 66 followed by Jo with a net 68 who both receive a $5 voucher.

Our putting results were: Marie 3 pts for 27, Pauline 2 for 28 and Rhonda 1 for 30.

The twos were drawn, and Joy A and Marie were the lucky voucher winners.

The raffle was won by Robyn and the starter next week is Marie.

We are playing LGU & Home Pennant and also the Qualifying round for the National teams’ event.

Just a reminder to get your names on the board 20 mins before the starting time and if you are running late please phone the clubhouse so we can put you in the draw.




BLIND GOLFER’S play golf & watching them I realised just how important “a steady head really is.” If they move their head at all they will miss the ball!!! If they keep it steady, they’ll hit it!!! It’s a simple lesson to be learnt from our friends who are blind!!!

1. The Topped shot - The Head moved up before impact.

2. The Slice shot – The Head moved & the body turned towards the target bringing the club face across the ball.

3. The Hook & Pull – The Head has fallen backwards before impact swinging the club left.

4. The Push or Shank - The Head moves forward towards the ball leaving the face open.

Blind golfers are able to play with the help of a caddy/carer who holds them & guides them around the course describing the holes as they go. Gives them distances & explains where the trouble is bunkers, water & O.B. They also have good grips so if the hands hold the club well, they know where the “square club face is.” So keep that head steady & GET A GRIP !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

Good Luck & Good Golfing

Professional John Garner.

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