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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all.

Welcome to the Matchplay Champs.

Once again good weather and course.

So as for results this week, well done to all winners and good luck in the next round lads.

The big match of the day was again in the seniors with 'Dad and Dave' or was it David and Goliath or maybe even the Yoda and Luke Skywalker…...!

NO, it was Bruce “Dadyo” Taylor against the whipper snapper Kingston Taylor-Voyle or KTV for short, the SBW of the Manu Golf Club (the next super star) so after years of guidance and WAX ON, WAX OFF training, the young, sharper jet-eye, took the old man down ….and sorry to say but Bruce has had to hand over the FLAT STICK to the younger jet-eye warrior.

Don’t worry Bruce it happens to all of us. Even in the wild as David Attenborough says it’s time for young buck to show the old Buck who has the game. But don’t back off, as we know the future has been set (Tigers comeback at the masters) and the odd win here and there can buy the old BUCK some tricks / bragging rights against the young buck. Comments like “you lost son so ... go … mow the lawns, get dads drink, and do the dishes”. The bragging rights of the older buck winning are always, and I mean.. ALWAYS, better than the young fellas beating us even if it’s only once in a while. But on the day young Kingston was better and well done KTV… all I can say is… glad I didn’t have to play you. Keep up the good golf ….