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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all.

Hello to all. Welcome to the match play champs. Once again good weather and course.

Some members have mentioned that some players are not available for the finals. This is only my opinion but, if you can’t be there then think about giving the other guy the match so they can have a crack at the champs… I know it’s not law but that’s how I see it anyway.

So, as for results this week, well done to all winners and good luck in the next round lads.

This week was the Caterer’s Choice (hidden holes). Just so happened that Chop Chop BUTLER had the lowest score on ALL OF THOSE FOUR HOLES,.,., FUNNY THAT. The comp was a bit of fun and was a good day. Winners in division 1 (0-18) were Gazza Johnson 33, THE ROCK Fairhurst 32 and The Boss, Ian Titter on 32. Second division was The Pope on 34, Rod Andrews on 33, and Ross Gall on 33, so well-done teams keep it up. Well done to The Rock, he rolled over and squashed the Lopsta in their match and rolls on.

General news: Car parking …can we please use car park and NOT park in front of cart sheds and please keep the entry to the course track clear as well please. We are trying to keep the spot outside the sliding door by the bar side of the club house for the bar manager as he is in out a lot with beers etc. JC really needs that spot most of the time so if we can stay in the car park main area that would be much appreciated.

Please use the path when going to the 6th / 12th tees and don’t cut across the tee blocks either-way thanks.

New putting green works; this has been started so should be good when done.