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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Welcome to the Matchplay champs. Once again, the rain tricked us and passed by and we were all good to go.

So as for results this week, well done to all winners and good luck in the finals on June 8th

So here are your matches as they have played out. Firstly, I know some players can’t make the finals and that is a shame, but everyone is entitled to play as per the draw, so we may end up with a couple of finals being a forgone conclusion. I know it’s hard and some of us might not like it.

I have been in contact with the match committee and we have decided by a vote that:

  1. If a player is not available on the finals day, June 8th, but can arrange to play BEFORE, NOT AFTER, June the 8th, with agreement from the opposition then they can play their match, this year only, the same may not apply in future.

  2. If the opposition cannot agree a date or wants to play on June the 8th then that will be the date of the match. If one player cannot make that date then the match will be given via default. The available player will need to be at the course on June 8th and wait there at least 5 mins to claim the match and they do not have to play at all. Thanks. Your match committee.

This weeks comp was, outside the Matchplay, a par comp and some good scores were put in. Big JR gave away a heap of prizes in the club Raffle. Please check the board by the bar and collect your spoils, so well done to all.

0-18 Gavin Mita +7, Kerry the EDGE +4, Lofty +4

19-UP Brian Rattenbury +6, Richard Crowe +6, Mike Letterman +4, Dennis where is my ball Elliot +4

12 twos were struck, and the jackpot struck in most unlikely fashion, but it doesn’t matter how you get them. A two is a two.</