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Club Captains Report

Last windy (I mean very windy) Saturday was Club Champs finals day and even before the matches got started Paul Fairhurst trundler was heading back to the green keepers shed down the eighteenth fairway all on its own. (wind assisted). Paul practicing putting on the green and turning around finding his trundler had disappeared.

Once teed off the first at 8am, both players Paul and Ivor knew they were in for more than just a battle with themselves, it was who could stand the steadiest over the ball at every shot. At the first green Ivor’s bag and trundler tried to tell him it had already had enough by tipping over and spewing all it contents out and blowing everything away. He made chase for some of his contents and in doing so off went his hat as well.

Ivor managed to settle a little quicker than Paul by being up by four after the first five holes but once Paul settled in and pulled back a couple along with some great putt saves everyone knew it was still anyone’s match.

Going down the eighteenth pushing into the still strong Southwesterly Ivor was going into the clubhouse being two up with both players producing some great golf considering the conditions.

A warm cupper and some energy food then psyched themselves up for another eighteen holes of which the wind hadn’t held back at all.

The next eighteen holes was a more even affair with quite a few halves and once again Paul was having to make some putts to stay in touch with, after twenty four & thirty holes, Ivor was still that two up advantage.

The turning point of the match was at the thirty third hole where Paul had a chance to pull back one but unfortunately was unable to do so and Ivor won the match on the following hole (thirty fourth) to become the 2019 Senior Matchplay Champion.