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Club Captains Report

Last windy (I mean very windy) Saturday was Club Champs finals day and even before the matches got started Paul Fairhurst trundler was heading back to the green keepers shed down the eighteenth fairway all on its own. (wind assisted). Paul practicing putting on the green and turning around finding his trundler had disappeared.

Once teed off the first at 8am, both players Paul and Ivor knew they were in for more than just a battle with themselves, it was who could stand the steadiest over the ball at every shot. At the first green Ivor’s bag and trundler tried to tell him it had already had enough by tipping over and spewing all it contents out and blowing everything away. He made chase for some of his contents and in doing so off went his hat as well.

Ivor managed to settle a little quicker than Paul by being up by four after the first five holes but once Paul settled in and pulled back a couple along with some great putt saves everyone knew it was still anyone’s match.

Going down the eighteenth pushing into the still strong Southwesterly Ivor was going into the clubhouse being two up with both players producing some great golf considering the conditions.

A warm cupper and some energy food then psyched themselves up for another eighteen holes of which the wind hadn’t held back at all.

The next eighteen holes was a more even affair with quite a few halves and once again Paul was having to make some putts to stay in touch with, after twenty four & thirty holes, Ivor was still that two up advantage.

The turning point of the match was at the thirty third hole where Paul had a chance to pull back one but unfortunately was unable to do so and Ivor won the match on the following hole (thirty fourth) to become the 2019 Senior Matchplay Champion.

There were a number of followers during the match who enjoyed the standard of golf played and I think they were all thinking “better them playing than me”.

The other men’s match was Limits between Pete Wills and Tony Mc Dowell played over eighteen holes and Pete managed the conditions better than Tony. I think Tony may have had too many clothes on which affected his swing but a great effort by all the players on the day for making it to the finals.

There has been a request put in for calmer weather for next year’s finals and we will see what the weather Gods can do for us.

This weekend is the second and final round of Joll Cup (Par) to find the best sixteen to go into match play the following week.

If there is anyone that is unable to play in the matchplay please let Robert know so he can exclude you and allow the next person through.

We will most likely set up a second sixteen to keep as many involved as possible.

Good Golfing to All...

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Boys Trip, Friday 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

Hi all, a reminder to all those that are coming on the boys’ trip in November. We need to make payments for accommodation and transport.

The total cost is $350.00 to be paid by August. Account number, TSB 15-3956-0654678-26 with your name please.

The cost includes golf at Waimarino, Turangi and Taumarunui. 2 nights at the Turangi Motor Lodge, meal on the Saturday night and transport.

So far we have 36 names, 40 will be the final number.


John Chandler.


Wednesday Club

There were 20 lads turned out for the second round of the Wednesday strokeplay. After playing 7 holes a light rain started, and it was getting heavier by each hole. After 12 the golf was called off and the second round canned to make it fair to all.

An early cuppa and raffles, the winners, Geoff Peters, Phil Wilson, Jim Newlove, John Vanders,

John Chandler, David Butler, Lee Mather

and Mike Letterman picked up 2 each.

Hopefully we will get to play the second round next week,

There will be no golf on Wednesday the 26th June; Course will be closed for the Taranaki green keeper’s day. I will let you all know where we will play on that day.


David Butler.


Saturday Ladies

The ladies played the matchplay finals in horrendous windy conditions. Well done to all the ladies who competed, the ladies who caddied and those who walked with groups.

The results were: Silver. Fay Rowe b Christine Ogle 2up. Bronze1: Andrea Fraser b Lesley Elliott 6/4. Bronze 2: Bev Hall b Rhonda McFarlane 3/2.

Bronze 3: Kath Alvis b Robyn Chamberlain 2/1. Congratulations to the winners.

Congratulations also to Dot Bowers who won the 9 Hole matchplay.

This Saturday we play the 1st Rnd of the Fraser Trophy Eclectic. The 9 holers play stableford..


Tuesday Ladies

Not too bad today with only one skiffy shower but then it fined up and most of us got in dry.

A welcome to Terri who has joined the 9 Holers, hope you enjoy your golf with us. Dot was the best of the 9 Holers but no voucher. Your putting results were:

Dot & Terri, 3 pts for 16, Frances 2 pts for 18 and Julie 1 pt for 19.

The 18 Holers played the first Rnd of the Barclay Cup of which Jo won the 1st division voucher and Robyn the 2nd division voucher.

Putting results were: Joy A 3 pts for 28, Pauline & Fay 2 pts for 29 and Helen W 1 for 32.

Twos were drawn with Robyn and Pauline being the lucky winners and it must have been Pauline’s day as she won the raffle too.

Next week is the 2nd Rnd of the Barclay Cup and the starter is Joc.



DIRECTION is always a problem, mainly because we stand at the side of the ball & it would be easier if we could line up like a shooter looking down the barrel. So here is the big tip given to us by the great Jack Nicklaus.

Firstly, stand behind the ball & pick a spot 2 metres in front of the ball which is in line with your target. Now stand to the ball in the normal way but draw an imaginary line from the ball through the square club face & over your predetermined spot.

You are now in a square position, toes / hips / shoulders/ parallel to the intended flight of the ball. This is the PROFESSIONAL way to check your DIRECTION !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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