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Club Captains Report

Hello to all, hope we are all enjoying our golf and may the weather continue.

Let's get started ….Saturday saw the Matchplay rounds get underway so congratulations to all winners on the day. The greens are in pretty good nick and let’s keep them this way everybody. It was noticed there were a lot of pitch marks so please repair the ball marks and keep them smooth thanks.

Matchplay ……. please make sure we play the best net per hole rule so the lower handicapper only give shots above their shot holes…… a 10 handicapper playing a 15 handicapper will only give shots on stroke holes 11,12,13,14,15 not from stroke 1,2,3,4,5. This how Taranaki Golf is playing the pennants etc., thanks.

John Chandler would appreciate $100 deposits or full amount to be paid for the end of year trip. See details below.

Please catch up with him. Thank you.

Thanks to all that covered me while I was away, much appreciated.

Committee note; we are looking for a club secretary and treasurer so please think about these roles. We need them and the current spots have been filled by the incumbents for quite a while. It's good to share it around, so if you think this is you please catch up with a Committee member, thanks.

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Boys Trip, Friday 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

Hi all, a reminder to all those that are coming on the boys’ trip in November. We need to make payments for accommodation and transport.

The total cost is $350.00 to be paid by August. Account number, TSB 15-3956-0654678-26 with your name please.

The cost includes golf at Waimarino, Turangi and Taumarunui. 2 nights at the Turangi Motor Lodge, meal on the Saturday night and transport.

So far we have 36 names, 40 will be the final number.


John Chandler.


Wednesday Club

There was no Wednesday club; the lads played in the Taranaki Greenkeepers Ambrose tournament. The club had 30 players made up of five teams. In total there were 19 teams. A great day with lots of great comments on the course. Many thanks to Joy and JR for looking after the bar and Jan putting out some great food for everyone.

Next week will be the third round of the Strokeplay.


A long serving member of the Manukorihi Golf Club, David Musker, passed away on Sunday.

David joined Manukorihi in the 80s and played over 1500 rounds of the game that he loved. David was 97 and played his last game in 2017, only due to not having a driver’s licence. In his 90s David played often, he also played in the vets’ week of 4 games in 5 days and was the oldest playing member for a number of years.

Thank you David, for your time at Manukorihi.


David Butler.


Saturday Ladies

Andrea Fraser took advantage of the lovely golfing conditions on Saturday. She won the days competition with a net 67. She also won the Fraser Trophy-Eclectic over the 2 rounds with a net 64. Andrea also had 2 twos, on the 5th & 7th so collects vouchers worth $15.00. Joy Andrews also had a two on the 3rd and gets a $5.00 voucher. Putting results for the day were: 3 pts for Andrea & Jo Broadmore for 30 putts, 2pts for Joy East for 31 putts and 1pt for Nicole Mancer for 33 putts

The 9 Hole ladies played Stbf + 15th Stbf. Dot Bowers won with 16+2 . This Saturday they play net.

The 18 Hole ladies are playing LGU, Home Pennant and Bleakley Tray Rnd 2, all net.


Tuesday Ladies

Another perfect day for golf and nice to play on a relatively dry course.

The best of the 9 Holers was Dot with a Nett 40 and it must have been her lucky day as she won the Chemist voucher too. Your putting results were: Dot & Tere 3 pts for 17, Joan 2 for 19 and Julie 1 for 21.

The best of the 18 Holers was Joy E with a Nett 73 and Joy A with a Nett 71 who both won a voucher.

Putting results were: Helen J 3 pts for 30, Fay & Jo 2 pts for 31 & Joy A & Joc 1 pt for 32. The 2s were drawn and Christine & Joy A were the lucky ones.

Next week is the Barbara Sharrock Trophy and the starter is Fay.



Know your Club Distance. A good golfer knows how far he/she hits each club, a poor player does not!! To check, hit 20 balls with your 7 iron. Discount the few short poor shots & possibly 4 very good ones & pace to the group where the average balls have finished. This would be your average distance with your 7 iron. Now WRITE YOUR DISTANCE DOWN.

You should have approximately 10 metres between each club. We all love to hit the ball as far as we can every day, but it isn’t possible so you need to know your average distance, & this is the way to do it. At my Academy I give a special card out. YOU’RE WELCOME ANY TIME.

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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