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Club Captains Report

Hello to all …

Let's get started. First up, congratulations to Bing as he has scored not one, but two hole-in-ones at N.P golf club in a couple of weeks, so well done Bing, great effort .

Results from the stableford on Saturday were:

Division 1 …. Kevin (The Sausage) Mancer again this week with 41, so he is coming into some form. Well done Sausage. Next was Ivor also

with 41, good to see. 39 was next with Bruce Taylor, Kingston and Robert Fraser, so well-done lads.

Division 2 ...Richie Ransfield on 41, he too has come into some form, so keep that up Richie. He was followed by Big Shane Weir on 39 (good shooting big guy) and then was John Skellern, Brendon Dew and Michael Burkhart, well done boys, keep up the rounds.

Note: We the match committee have made a change with the sweep on club day and now made it $5.00 and this includes 2s and the jackpot. Raffles are still extra at $2.00 each and we will trial this and see how we go over the next few months. This will help with cash up at the end of the day.

Joll Cup finalists have been found and are setting up their matches. I will find when and let you all know when they are playing.

This week we will be playing 2ball best ball stableford, so find a mate and partner up. Please hand your cards in together so it will help us with the scoring. Cheers.

I think myself and my partner will be building a short fence of points Don’t worry Chop-Chop, we might surprise a few.

Good golf this week to all.

Thanks for your time Lofty

Message from The Boss: Hi to all Shootout players. Check the board for a progress report, showing where your best 8 scores rank after Saturday 13th.

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Boys Trip, Friday 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

Hi all, a reminder to all those that are coming on the boys’ trip in November. We need to make payments for accommodation and transport.

The total cost is $350.00 to be paid by August. Account number, TSB 15-3956-0654678-26 with your name please.

The cost includes golf at Waimarino, Turangi and Taumarunui. 2 nights at the Turangi Motor Lodge, meal on the Saturday night and transport.

So far we have 36 names, 40 will be the final number.


John Chandler.


Wednesday Club

The day wasn’t that great with only 13 lads turning out for the fourth round of Strokeplay, a shower before we headed away; the rest of the day was a little windy but dry. After three rounds Robert Middleton was leading by six shots on 209 from Rod Andrews and Robin Broadmore on 215. Robert must have been saying that I have this won with a 6-shot lead. But Robin had other thoughts, having one of his better games, came home with a net 64 to win the Wednesday Strokeplay with a total of 206.

Robert Middleton 209, Rod Andrews and David Butler 215, with John Chandler on 217 making up the top five.

Winners of the day were Robin 64 net, Don Bowers and David Butler 72 net and Guy Selby with a 73.

There were no twos, Raffle winners, David Butler, Robert Middleton, Robin Broadmore, Ivan Wright and Guy Selby.

Next week 24th July we will start the Match Play, this is the top sixteen that are available over the next four weeks.

Robin Broadmore V Bill Wadworth.

Peter Loppy V Carl Beale.

Rod Andrews V Austin Wood.

Jim Newlove V Wayne Kopu.

John Chandler V Dave Williams.

Dave Yates V John Rayner.

Barry Burns V Phil Wilson.

Trevor Hughes V Don Bowers.

Wednesday Flights can play next week or 31st July.

Tony Bromfield V John Davey.

Graeme Parsons V Tony Pope.

Cliff Oxenham V Bob Crow.

Geoff Peters V John Vanders.

The reserves for the flights, Richard Crowe, Greg Fowler, Colin Upson and Peter Wills.

The rest will play Parr.


From the course staff.

We are looking at putting weed mat on the green side of the lake, and will be looking for anyone that has some ground cover as we have done on the tee side which is looking great.

There has been a lot of work done on the left of the 3rd green, firewood for next season. We have some avocado trees going there that have been donated by Duncan Elliott. We are looking for some ground cover plants to go around them.

Also, we would like to plant more citrus trees along the 9th tee. Oranges, grapefruit and mandarins. If anyone has some or would like to donate some, please see Jim Newlove or Paul Fairhurst. Many Thanks.

Many Thanks.


Message from the Secretary

2020 Club Positions

You might think this is far too early to think about 2020 but as in the past we feel as a committee this needs to have members put thought into this process.

This years committee wants members to seriously consider whether you as a member can make a difference and stand on committee.

Meetings are once a month and job descriptions are available on request if you feel passionate about your club and could bring new ideas to make our club strive and move ahead.

The Treasurer job will be vacant. This is a major vacancy and Paul is willing to discuss details if you feel this job is one you would love to take on.

The success to date is because of the passion the current committee have put into our club but new blood is always a positive to go forward.

Marie Rayner

Saturday Ladies

On arriving on Saturday we were expecting rain but the day turned out to be very warm, for this time of the year. The days competition was the RSA Trophy 1st round-net. The days winner was Joy East on C/B from Marie Rayner with a net 71. Joy also got the drawn two so collects a $10.00 voucher.

Putting points went to Joy East 3pts-29 putts, Christine Ogle 2pts-31 putts and Lesley Elliott 1pt for 32 putts.

The 2nd round RSA Trophy will be played this Saturday.


Tuesday Ladies

No competition today for the ladies due to the weather. 4 of us went out and played 12 holes and the sun came out which made it very pleasant although it was very wet underfoot.

We now have a very flash ladies room with a lovely new carpet. Thank you Christine for organising it all. Looks great.

Next week we are playing LGU, Home Pennant & Bleakley Tray Rnd 3 and the starter is Jo.




SAVING SHOTS in SAND is practicing a method of standing to the ball & having a “V” swing.

Firstly, you adopt an open stance that is when your toe line is aiming well left of your target, (for right handers) & wriggle your feet into the sand to give yourself a secure stance.

Secondly with the ball opposite your front foot aim the club face to the target with your hands behind the ball. From here pick the club up with your wrists on a much steeper swing path than normal more or less on the line of your toes. This gives you half the “V.” Keeping your HEAD VERY STEADY pull the sand wedge into the sand about 3-4” behind the ball & follow through the sand completing the “V” swing & stay flat footed.

The ball will come out on a cushion of sand hopefully floating towards the pin. The swing is full & smooth, never short or jerky. To hit the ball further you move the ball a little back in your stance thus taking less sand between the ball & the club face & achieving more power.

So, practice the basics in sand to SAVE SHOTS.

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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