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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf ....

Firstly, well done Mike Burkhart for taking out the Lye Trophy ON A VERY GOOD +14 OVER THE TWO ROUNDS. Well done to Jo Broadmore for coming out on top for the ladies .....and not to be out-done rumour has it that 'Sunstrike' AKA (Robin Broadmore) not only took out the front bumper but also the Wednesday club so well done 'Sunstrike'.

Coming up is the Top Club Qualifying comp followed by the LF Truman Stableford and Sunday 25th is the KIWI Butcher comp so good luck to all for that.

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MEMBERS: Thankyou!... We raised $420 to go to Hospice and that’s a great effort so be proud of that team well done.

Thanks to Paul and the team for keeping the place in tip top condition. So once again let’s all do our bit and look after the place and replace divots and repair pitch marks please.

Please remember those going on the club trip JC is still after some money cheers.

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Boys Trip, Friday 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

I have 14 people paid up and several that have made part payments. There is also a payment made with no details (is that you?). I would appreciate all payments in by end of August please as I need confirmed numbers.

A/C # TSB 15-39560654678-26.

Thanks JC.

Mixed Veterans Tournament

Each year in April we host a 4 day Mixed Veterans Tournament. We seriously need help for members to join the subcommittee for this event.

1. Need a person capable of spreadsheets to send out entries and design flyer and entry form. This job can be done at home and will liaise with myself ready for the tournament. John Stuart will work with anyone interested in helping with this event.

2. Also require a person to help with the sponsors that support our tournament. This is a phone call and follow-up.

This tournament has been hosted for 34 years at our club and always a great success and a lot of fun to be involved with.

Please contact me for any other details.

Cheers Marie 0273552349

Huge Thanks

Thanks to everyone involved in the new flooring in the Kitchen.

New commercial vinyl has been put down in the kitchen. It looks wonderful.

Jan is very happy with the final result. Future plan for the area is painting of the walls and new cupboard doors. Hopefully this can be completed on a voluntary basis.

Manukorihi Committee


Wednesday Club

Waitara New World Wednesday Club

The wind blew and the rain threatened all day but it was Matchplay final for mid-week golf.

The legend of Bob Crow was taken down by a far younger Vandels in the flights.

JR got side-kicked by a confident Robin Broadmore in the championship final . Congratulations Robin on the double with taking the Strokeplay and the Matchplay for 2019.

Today’s sweep was taken by visiting Phil Daley with +8 (I don’t know how you do that in that wind) with Dave Williams on +6 second.

Twos to Mike Leterman, Robin Broadmore and Dave Williams.

As a lot of us will be in Aussie next week, next Wednesday will be run by Greg Fowler and Jim Newlove . So enjoy your day and hopefully the weather will play ball.


Message from the Secretary

2020 Club Positions

You might think this is far too early to think about 2020 but as in the past we feel as a committee this needs to have members put thought into this process.

This years committee wants members to seriously consider whether you as a member can make a difference and stand on committee.

Meetings are once a month and job descriptions are available on request if you feel passionate about your club and could bring new ideas to make our club strive and move ahead.

The Treasurer job will be vacant. This is a major vacancy and Paul is willing to discuss details if you feel this job is one you would love to take on.

The success to date is because of the passion the current committee have put into our club but new blood is always a positive to go forward.

Marie Rayner

Saturday Ladies

No Saturday ladies again as there was a mass start last Sat.

Tuesday Ladies

Yay, we didn’t get wet and the course played pretty well considering the rain we’ve had and thank you Paul for having the greens mown, really appreciate it. The 9 holers played their final of The Manukorihi Cup and Dot beat Tere

3 / 1. The 18 holers played an accuracy game and Pauline was the winner of the voucher. Marie bt Jo 1 up in their match for the Manukorihi Cup. Fay had a 2 on 3rd so $5 for you and Pauline won the raffle. Next week TBA and the starter is Bev. Jo



CHIPPING: How to practice & improve your Chipping.

Take 6 balls your 8 iron, Pw & Lob. Go to the edge of the green & hit 2 balls with each club. Take notice as to which club hits the balls nearer to the pin. Putt them into the hole. Now go to a different position & repeat 2 balls with each club & again notice which club suits the lie & angle of shot. Again have a game with yourself & putt them into the hole so that you are also practising your putting. Now go to another spot & repeat the exercise. Many golfers play the same club wherever they are around the green which then becomes their “favourite club” but not necessarily the easy club to use from the lie. Try the practice routine & see new results from a Sound Chipping Drill.

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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