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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf ….

Well, Top Dog is underway and teams have been made up. Robert has the draw up at the clubhouse for you to have a look.

Heading the field is; 1st Colin Upson and Steve (Plumb Bob) Voyle, followed by, in 2nd place, Murray Peterson and Sunstrike Broadmore. Next was 3rd, Robert Fraser and the Ace of Hearts Then in 4TH is the Sausage Maker and the Big Scallywag who are followed by the Construction Team from Butlers Building & Co with Cement and Chop Chop at number 5. Coming in at 6th was The Boss Mr. Titter and Phil Wilson and in at 7th place is the NZ underwater golf team of Ricey (Aquaman) and (Kaleen Edgecombe). The team to beat on my pick is in at 8th, Mike Burkhart and Waldorf LET HIM IN, not to be outdone at 9th is Teddy Big Bear Danych and Gazza the CLOWN Crawford, Good luck teams and enjoy.

(Ed note; I hope someone knows who these people are!!)

Well done to all who won the haggle and the raffles on the weekend. Dart took out the jackpot with two twos so well done there and hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

Good golfing this weekend, hope the weather is fine and your putts sink. JR is back at the helm this week as I am away AND I AM SURE Marie has it all under control.

Please remember those going on the club trip, JC is still after some money, cheers which needs to be paid up by the end of this month, please, thanks.