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Club Captains Report

Well well, all out bright and early expecting rain to come in but all we got was the Manu doctor from the west. Wow, what a difference sharpening the mower makes - the greens rolling a nice true pace. The comp for the day Net and div 1 top of the day went to Daryl (the Dart) Baird with 69 followed by The Rock Fairhurst with 70.

Div 2 was Michael the Loppy on 66 with a returning Father Ted Danych on 67. The only two of the day to Gazza the Clown Crawford on the 15th. (Ed note: it is obvious that JR has caught the Lofty nickname disease but good to see we can work out who we are talking about.

Well done JR).

10 raffles given out with a stunning roast to the Rayner household.

It is with very much sadness that I must confess being beaten off the stick by my lovely wife. A long time coming and yes it was a decisive 4 shot difference. So, there you have it for those of you that have been waiting for this day😩😫😖😀

Then, to carry on this form congratulations to Marie for taking out the ladies division of The Taranaki Top Club on Sunday . Played at Inglewood the team of Marie / Sarty / Robert / David Butts took 3rd place winning a $200 voucher that they donated back to the club for raffles - well done team.

The boys’ trip is still chasing payment to cover this great weekend.

So please get payment made to give final numbers to JC

This weekend will be top dog matches so good luck to all as the weather is looking superb

Good golfing



Wednesday Club

Waitara New World

What a great day, with the course looking amazing. A good turnout of players enjoying the sunshine, the best of the day was Barry Burns with 44 points, Phil Wilson 43, Phil Daley, Rod Andrews and John Chandler all 41 points, Austin Wood 40, Jim Newlove 39, Jim also was the best putter of the day with 25 putts. Geoff Peters, John Vanders and Bob Crow finished the day with 38 points; Bob had the only two and picked up 5 golf balls.

Raffle Winners were, Geoff Peters, Dave Williams, Jim Newlove, Lee Mather, Wayne Kopu. John Chandler, Mike Burkhart, John Rayner, and Bill Wadsworth picked up two.

Next week is the start of the Wednesday Top Dog, over four weeks, we have 10 teams, will make up more teams on Wednesday if you want to play,

The first round will be FOURSOMES. Add your handicaps together then half it for your team handicap, You will only need one card and only one ball, you play alternate shots, You start with who tees from the odd holes and who tees from the even ones for a nett score.

Week two, Canadian Foursomes, Week three, Scottish Foursomes, Week four, 2 ball best ball.

Good luck.

Wednesday Club.


Hello all, twilight starts on the 3rd October. Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.


Saturday Ladies

Great day on the course. Over the moon we didn’t get rain and enjoyed the wonderful condition of our course. This week we played Stableford. Best of the day was Marie Rayner 42. No twos today so Sue Nobbs was drawn out. Putting points went to Andrea Fraser 3 points for 30, 2 points to Kath Alvis with 31 and 1 point to Sue Nobbs with 33. Next week is round 2 of Top Dog. Good luck for those matches. The starter is Sue Nobbs.


Tuesday Ladies

No play again today, although the sun did come out later, so we will play the first round of Top Dog on Tuesday 1st October.

Don’t forget the Trading table is starting again next week so bring along any excess goodies.

We will be playing Home Pennant and LGU and the starter is Helen W.




To write down your personal notes is a very good way of improving.

The previous Lesson on Pitching, when you are learning your gears, write down the distance of each gear. When you practice hitting 20 balls with your 8 iron, find the average distance, then write it down. This becomes your standard length.

Do the same with all your clubs. When you play a strange course, having your list of distances will be a great help in club selection.

Whenever I give a lesson I write it down for my “Rising Stars!!” for them to take away & hopefully add to. Every week watching the world stars the first thing they do when they are walking after the tee shot is pull out their personal notes & say “what do I know about the next shot ??”

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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