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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf …

Well, Top Dog is nearing the end and we are up to the semis this weekend. We had a false start last week as Sausage was away, so Teddy Bear and his understudy, Gazza C, will be taking on the Sausage and Big Skully, and this will be a great match with Ted and Gazza ALREADY TO GO FOR THAT 3RD EXTRA 19TH HOLE MATCH. Ted said at least he doesn’t need to teach Gazza how to Drink so that’s ok. Between Gary and Skully we may not know which team has won later in the bar. Good luck boys. On the other side of the semis our two local swimming champs Kerry Kaleen Edgecombe and Aquaman Ricey HAD A WIN OVER THE Champs from last year, so well done boys and thanks for changing the finals date to the 12th so Sausage could make it.

Well done to all the rest of you who scored well in the Haggle: Division 1 being topped by the inform JR with 39 points, see what happens when you buy the better half some nice things John. Also, Kerry The Edge. who I think we need to see Chop Chop about and check his handicap, as he seems to always be in the winner’s circle, followed by the Rock Fairhurst on 37. Division 2: Ricey with a good day topping 42.

WOW, no wonder Titts and Phil went down. Good golf boys.

Carl Beale came in 2nd with a good 41 and Austin Wood, in good form too, on 39 again. There was a heap of twos so well done to all. Stevey Plumb-bob Voyle got the jack pot so well done there Plumb-bob.

Ryder Cup on Sunday so see you all there. There’s a sheet up so get your names in thanks.

This week we have a top dog semi and a haggle (par comp) so good golf and enjoy.

Thanks, and good golfing.



Wednesday Club

Waitara New World

The day didn’t look the best with a few showers throughout the whole mornings play.

This was the first round of the Wednesday top dog, Playing foursomes there were a few players that didn’t combine very well? Rain during the game may have had a little to do with it.

The best of the day was Lee Mather and David Butler with a 62 net score !!!!!!!!, Austin Wood and Geoff Peters 68 net, Colin Upson and Greg Fowler 70.5 and also Dave Yates and Phil Daley 70.5. Only two of the day was a great tee shot from Austin to give Geoff an easy putt.

The raffles were won by Phil Wilson, JR, Carl Beale, Mike Leterman, Greg Fowler, Pooch, John Chandler. and John Vanders.

Next week is Canadian Foursomes, both tee off and take the best tee shot. Your partner must have a minimum of 6 tee shots.


Hello all, twilight starts on the 3rd October. Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.


Saturday Ladies

Saturday’s competition was LGU & Home Pennant. We were able to put in some good results for the last round of Home Pennant, with several nets under 70. Lovely to have Renette join us for Saturday golf again. Vouchers went to Lesley-nett 68 and Helen J-nett 66. Twos were drawn and vouchers went to Marie & Jo F.

Putting points went to, Renette 3pts-28 putts, Kath 2pts-30 putts and Nicole 1pt for 31 putts.

Top Dog matches will continue this Saturday. Andrea is the starter.


Tuesday Ladies

Hooray, at least we got out onto the golf course today, but it was very wet under foot and quite wet from above but at least we got our first round of Top Dog played. The winners were Pauline & Joc who beat Fay & Leslie and Helen W & Jo F beat Joy E & Helen J.

Next week Pauline and Joc play Helen W & Jo F and Joy E & Helen J play Fay & Leslie. Here’s hoping for a fine day.

Helen W was the lucky winner of the drawn 2 & next week the starter is Marie.



The Terms “Square Take Away”, “Square Club Face” & “Square Stance” can be very confusing to all Golfers. The intention of every golfer is to hit the ball forward & the easiest way is if the “Club Face is Square at Impact.” To achieve this we stand “Square.” Toes level, hips & shoulders parallel with the intended flight of the ball, i.e.. “Square.” Now to explain a “Square Take-away,” is a little difficult so read this slowly & I’ll attempt to resolve a few misunderstandings. We bend from the waist to allow us to create power whether it be 100 metre or 300.

We turn on an angle, a tilted plane. When you take the club away to waist high the club face should look closed, but it is actually “Square” to the imaginary Plane of your swing or on the same angle as your spine!! Phew, hope you all got that, if not come for a lesson & I’ll put the kettle on for a “SQUARE CUP of COFFEE !!!”

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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