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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf …

Well, Top Dog is nearing the end and we are up to the semis this weekend. We had a false start last week as Sausage was away, so Teddy Bear and his understudy, Gazza C, will be taking on the Sausage and Big Skully, and this will be a great match with Ted and Gazza ALREADY TO GO FOR THAT 3RD EXTRA 19TH HOLE MATCH. Ted said at least he doesn’t need to teach Gazza how to Drink so that’s ok. Between Gary and Skully we may not know which team has won later in the bar. Good luck boys. On the other side of the semis our two local swimming champs Kerry Kaleen Edgecombe and Aquaman Ricey HAD A WIN OVER THE Champs from last year, so well done boys and thanks for changing the finals date to the 12th so Sausage could make it.

Well done to all the rest of you who scored well in the Haggle: Division 1 being topped by the inform JR with 39 points, see what happens when you buy the better half some nice things John. Also, Kerry The Edge. who I think we need to see Chop Chop about and check his handicap, as he seems to always be in the winner’s circle, followed by the Rock Fairhurst on 37. Division 2: Ricey with a good day topping 42.