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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf ….JR is!!

Well, Top Dog is nearing the end and we are up to the FINALS this weekend. We had the last semi last week with Skully holding it together and keeping Sausage on a roll. They overcame the challenge from Father Ted and the Clown. Well done lads. Now it’s onto the water boys, Ricey and Edge, in the final this weekend, so place your bets folks this could be close. Not all was lost as Gray won the Crawford Cup AGAIN (DRINKS RAFFLE) I think this is the 6th time, so can we all fill it up so he can’t get another ticket please, thanks. Well done to all the rest of you who scored well in the Haggle with Division 1 being topped by the in form JR with +11. YES JR …AND YES +11 …….BUT he did have 22 clubs or was it 19 or 14, no-one knows. Also, he didn’t even have his own clubs …or did he. …I am not sure JC knows whether he now owns JRs old clubs or if they are on trial. ..It just gets way too confusing when you have a JR and a JC. Well done JR, great round. Watch out Marie, rumor has it JR thinks he is hot stuff at the moment…..and was walking around the club house like a rooster in full bloom…(I really can’t even picture that) anyway??? Good Luck Marie….Good rounds were had by KTV -Kingston +5 and the Sausage rolled up next with +2

Ryder Cup was on this weekend and, to be blunt, it was a good day for having a beer or two but that was pretty much it as we got cleaned out against the team from up north. …Urenui played very well with a couple of 64 nets doing the damage. Well done to those who took place. We would like to see a bigger field next year so we can head up north and get the cup back. The day was played in good spirit and enjoyed by all and that’s what interclub is about. So, thanks to all and thanks to Jan for catering the event at late notice.

PENNANTS, yes its that time again and we want to get a jump on it this year. I will be putting up a registration of interest form on Saturday so please read it and pop your name down if are keen. Pennants will be around Feb /March 2020 and we are moving the club program around a bit, so pennant players don’t have the big club competitions on Saturday and pennants on Sunday. This should work out so we will get more pennant members playing Sundays and give more golfers a chance to enter stroke and match play champs without having to commit to Saturday / Sundays for 8 weeks or so. I feel this is win/win for the club overall …watch this space….

Weekend of the 19th we have the 2ball best ball mass start 9am tee off so if we can all be there 8.30 am so we can sort out what tees we will be on that would be great thanks. So, grab your buddy /partner or whoever and make up a team and get ready to go. PLEASE remember it’s a mass start so don’t take off early or you won’t be in the competition. Thanks guys and girls.

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Manukorihi Men’s Tour 2019

Dear Lads

Welcome to the 2019 Men’s tour. Our tour continues to gather momentum with 30 participants joining us this year.

As usual we have an action packed three days away, teeing off first at Waimarino Friday 1st November, on to Turangi Saturday 2nd November then on Sunday 3rd November the picturesque Tauramanui course.

As per last year the dress code will be relatively strict with collared shirts, sports trousers/dress shorts and clean shoes the standard.

The entry fee

Your daily entrance fee of $10 has been included in the $350 you have all contributed, this goes toward daily prizes.

The Bounty

The boys trip has a long and proud history of handing out toys to the most deserved.

  • Best stableford over trip: The Green Jacket – a garment of exquisite luxury and personally emblazoned (if you win it…yes you may sleep in it)

  • Lowest stableford over trip: The Pig’s Arse – Pink and cute as a button; the ideal head cover for any driver. Usually accompanied by a bottle of “warm stuff” provided by the incumbent. Must be displayed on the recipient’s bag each round played at Manukorihi until the next trip.

  • Most three putts over the trip: The Snake – wiley and curvy, just like your putting. As above, must be with the winner each round played at Manukorihi until the next trip.

  • Attitude prize – need I say more

  • Three putts on tour

Obviously, we still need to be counting 3-putts = $1, 4 putts = $2, 5 putt = shout.

As per last year, an amendment to the 3-putt rule: If your course handicap is 14 or below your 3 putts count from off the green as well (ie putting from the fringe is counted as one putt)

Van pick ups

Your driver has the pickup lists and will contact you with your time, but in general be ready for pickup between about 6:30-7:30am on Fri 1st. We will be returning to New Plymouth around 7:30pm Sunday night. I have reserved the tee from 1100am at Waimarino. About a 3 hr drive.

I have reserved 3 carts at each course and so far only Ian, Ted and Paul have indicated that they need one. If you need a cart please coordinate with one of these guys.


As of last year, we have decided not to do the breakfast thing with the three putt money gathered over the year but to pay for your dinner on the Saturday night instead. We are booked into where we are staying. It will be a buffet style meal consisting of a selection of entrees and a main of different Pasta dishes as well as dessert. I have booked us in from 6:30pm onwards.

Please make sure that your three-putt contribution for the year is at least $20 before we travel.


We will be staying at the Parklands Motor Lodge in Turangi for Fri/Sat nights.

They have a Bar and Restaurant on site. We are across the main road from the local pub and there are 2 RSA type clubs a short walk from the Lodge.

Room Allocation

1 Nathan Lopusiewicz Toko Waitere Michael Lopusiewicz

2 Peter Bingham Paul Fairhurst Ken Leonard

3 John VanderLeeden Peter Lopusiewicz Ivor Sarten

4 Darren Rice Terry Butler John Skillen

5 David Butler Greg Fowler Martin Nobbs

6 Shane Weir John Chandler

7 Tony McDowell Richard Ransfield Asoese Se’e

8 Robin Broadmore Ted Danych Mike Letherman

9 Tony Pope Darryl Baird Ian Titter

10 Kevin Mancer Robbie Sim Robert Butler

11 John Rayner Kerry Edgcombe Steven Voyle

Van 1 Van 2 Van 3

Mike Letherman (D) Kerry Edgcombe (D) David Butler(D)

John Chandler (co driver) Shane Weir (co driver) Asoese Se’e

Robin Broadmore Nathen Lopusiewicz Greg Fowler

Kevin Mancer Mike Lopusiewicz Darren Rice

John Vanderleeden Ken Leonard Peter Lopusiewicz

Ted Danych Ivor Sarten Richard Rainsfield

Paul Fairhurst Peter Bingham Terry Butler

Ian Titter Daryl Baird Robbie Sim

Steve Voyle Martin Nobbs Toko Waitere

Robert Butler John Skellen Tony Pope

John Rayner Tony McDowell

Any questions please contact JC (0211839064) or Shane (021 752 065)


Wednesday Club

Waitara New World

The second round of the Wednesday Top Dog was played this week with Richard Crowe and Jim Newlove conquering the field. Phil Wilson and John Vanders were second equal with David Williams and Trevor Hughes, Greg Watt and Barry Newlove were third.

Phil Wilson and John Vanders won the most fairways hit off the tee and Kerry Edgecombe and Robert Middleton scored the only two.

Next week is another one of David's interesting rounds when amongst other things the boys get to play off the yellow tees.

Do note that David has offered a catch-up option for partners who have not been able to get to golf on a Wednesday. As long as you had entered the competition you are able to get together with your partner, play the designated round and enter your score on the sheet. Do let us know if you use this option.

As many of you know David was ill on Wednesday so many thanks to the players who pitched in and gave a hand with the results raffle and bar. We wish David a rapid recovery and a speedy return to the golf course.


Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.


Saturday Ladies

Saturday was much nicer than predicted so we played in quite pleasant conditions. Top Dog matches played were Fiona & Trish vs Sue & Nicole and Andrea & Jo vs Jude & Kath. Wins went to Fiona & Trish 5/4 and to Andrea & Jo 2 up. These two pairs finished on 4 points each and will play a final on Saturday 2nd November.

Lesley was the best of the rest with 36 stbf and gets the voucher for the day.

This Saturday we will play Bing. Bong. Bango. Renette is the starter.


Tuesday Ladies

Another fine day so some happy golfers.

The 2nd round of Top Dog was played and Joy E & Helen J bt Lesley and Fay. Pauline & Joc ended up all square against Helen W & Jo after a hard-fought battle.

Pauline had a lovely 2 on 3rd and gets $10 .

The raffle was won by Dot B.

Next week is the final Rnd of Top Dog and the starter is Fay.



Reflections From The Academy / Driving Range.

One of the most effective, yet totally under-used game improvers : a full length mirror or window !! Mirrors show you exactly how you are swinging as opposed to how you think you swing !! The feedback is immediate & factual. Posture, grip, alignment, take-away, your shoulder turn to the top of the backswing, all easily & clearly portrayed. You can even “slow mo” your down-swing !! Trying to copy the Basics of the Golf Swing is the sole reason we study magazines & monitor the Best Players on T.V. Mirrors make the game much easier & can help to improve your game !!

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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