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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf.

NOTE; Would the men please not tee off the 13th on club days after 9 am. These are the current rules set by the committee so please can we stick to them. Thank you.

Well, we have the NEW CHAMPS FOR TOP DOG and the winners were lapping up the victory!! The two water boys combined to flush away the Sausage and Skully 4/3 . Well done to Kerry and Ricey, well played and well deserved, a hard team to beat on the day. Rumor has it that Kerry took the Sausage off the stick and edged him by a shot.

Well done to all who took place in the haggle and YES, again, Kerry won the day, so Chop Chop better have a look and maybe we need to introduce some drug testing for this bloke ?????

PENNANTS, yes it’s that time again and we want to get a jump on it this year. I will be putting up a registration of interest form on Saturday so please read it and pop your name down if you are keen. Pennants will be around Feb /March 2020 and we are moving the club program around a bit, so pennant players don’t have the big club competitions on Saturday and pennants on Sunday. This should work out so we will get more pennant members playing Sundays and give more golfers a chance to enter stroke and match play champs without having to commit to Saturday / Sundays for 8 weeks or so. I feel this is win / win for the club overall …watch this space.

Weekend of the 19th Shoot-out starts at 8.30. Tee off is at 9am, split field. So if your wanting a game please tee off before 9 am and maybe after 11 am ish. Be prepared to be held up as it’s a big day.

Please see below for draw and some more information. Thanks and remember, please let us know if you’re not available, thanks.