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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf.

NOTE; Would the men please not tee off the 13th after 9 am. On club days These are the current rules set by the committee so please can we stick to them. Thank you.

Hi all, sorry this is only a quick report this week.

Well done to the winners last week in the two-ball best ball and JC and Tiger BEALE were outstanding. Wayne played very well and it was noticed by the handicapper. Chop Chop, do your thing and that will teach them for beating us. Well done to all the other winners on the day and the raffle winners.

This week is the boy’s trip away and good luck lads have a great trip and a heap of fun. Sorry I couldn’t make it as have family stuff on. Go BIG Pauly for a three-peat and golden jacket …….

For the rest of us we have a stableford haggle, so make up your fours and get out there.


Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.


Wednesday Club

Waitara New World

A great day with a good turnout of players. Division One had some great scoring from Kerry Edgcombe, Wayne Kopu and Nathan Loppy all with a score of 41 points, Greg Watt and Rick James both with 40 points.

Division Two was a bigger field with a great round by Gary Fulton with 44 points, Bill Wadsworth 40, Phil Wilson, Bob Crow, Dave Yates and Lee Mather all on 39 points from Dave Williams and Rod Andrews 38. Richie Ransfield was the closest to the 7th hole, bacon for breaky tomorrow.

Raffle winners, David Butler, Geoff Peters, Wayne Kopu, Bill Wadsworth, Carl Beale, Jim Newlove, Richard Crowe, Rodney Ward and Dave Yates picked up 2.

See you all next week.


Pest control at Manukorihi.

The Manukorihi Golf Club is going to do more pest control on the course. We are buying some DOC approved traps for this and would like someone to look after and record what we catch. This would be something that would have to be on a weekly basis.

If you are interested, please see one of the committee or Paul Fairhurst.

50 years at Manukorihi Golf Club.

This coming Easter the Manukorihi Golf Club will have been at our current course at Wills Road for 50 years, the Club was founded in 1904. We will be looking for a subcommittee to help run the Saturday and Sunday.

We are looking at the history of the club, so if you have anything that may help us, photos, stories that will be of interest please let me know. Also, we are looking for Programme Books, we are missing a lot from 2006 to 2018.

Many Thanks.

David Butler.


Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.


Saturday Ladies

Saturday Ladies.

A good group of ladies played in the 2 Ball Best ball last weekend. Jo Broadmore won the drawn Chemist voucher.

This Saturday, the final of the Saturday Top Dog will be played. The others will play Par. Joy East is the starter.


Coming Events.

Manukorihi Ladies Open Hamper. Friday November 15th. (Note change of date)

Ladies AGM 11am, followed by the Prize Giving & Shared finger food lunch at 12.30. Sunday November 17th.

Ladies Champion of Champions@ New Plymouth. Thursday November 21st(Alt Day Sunday 24th).

Open Xmas Hamper. Sunday November 24th.

Ladies Closing day Tuesday November 26th. Including Secret Santa.

Club Closing Day & Mini Hamper Saturday November 30th.

Club AGM. Monday 2nd December 7pm.

Tuesday Ladies

What a pleasant day for golf. Blue skies, sunshine and not much wind to start with.

We played 2 ball, best ball and the winners were Marie and Helen W with a net 63.

A $5 voucher for Helen and $15 for Marie as she had a 2 on 3rd.

The raffle was won by Robyn and Joy E was the Chemist voucher winner again!

Next week is Melbourne Cup day so will be mixed with the 9 Holers and the starter is Robyn.

Don’t forget to bring your lunch as Jan’s away.





Golf is very much a social game, playing with others in friendly competition but so often these days simple courtesies seem to have been forgotten. Standing still & not talking while others are playing their shots!! Standing opposite your partner so that he can see you, & not wondering where you are or if you are in danger of being hit !!

Watching each other play & not walking in front thus causing a danger of being hit. Being ready to play when it’s your turn will speed up play no end.

Repairing your pitch marks on the green & replacing your divots is the least you can do in appreciation of the hard work the Greens Staff put in to make your round so very enjoyable. So give a little thought to Others & The Course not just your own game.

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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