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News Letter

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf.

Well done to the winners last week in the Ambrose bash around. Thanks to my partner Mrs. John we had a good match and I think it’s good that we mix and match across the club members as that is what a club is about. Marie said good to see someone hit such long drives as she is used to playing with JR……sorry JR. But she did birdie the 6th all on her own and we had a good combo going. We had a good battle with the Big Butler (David) and now named Mr. WHIPPY (Richie Ransfield). If you’re not sure why Richie has got this nick name…. watch the swirling putting stroke and imagine him serving a Mr. Whippy cone…… But like a swirling cone it works, and he sunk some good putts.

Well done to the winners on the day with Joy East and Sue Nobbs (Mrs Gump, sorry Sue, that’s for Martin) taking the spoils over Colin Upson and Martin Forest Nobbs. Then there was two other blokes in 3rd. Well done David and Richie.

This week we have the Manukorihi Cup round 1 of 2, stableford format and at the same time the Purdie Cup Qualifying net format, so the haggle will go be net for the day, so good luck to all and enjoy.

Champions of champs is on this week also at Stratford and we have in the senior corner weighing in at ???? Darryl THE DART Baird. In the intermediates… weighing in at …. more than he says, John MANY CHIPPERS Rayner. And then we have juniors champ weighing at …working on it … Steven PLUMB BOB Voyle Good golfing lads and give it heaps thanks for putting Manukorihi in the competition and remember all putts run away from the mountain at Stratty.

REPEAT: For those who get up at 5 am in the morning ready for a 6.30 tee off. If you want to be in the Daily competitions (apart from mass starts) there will be a sign-in sheet up on the blackboard between the changing rooms, so you can enter your names etc thanks. As we want early birds to enter the competitions (but not all of us are such early risers on the weekend, Lofty and some others) this is a good fix and covers everybody, thanks. When the rest of us get there, we shall collect sheet and transfer names etc. to the daily sheet. Hope this works. We will trial this for a few months and see how it goes thanks.