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Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf.

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying our golf.

Well done to the winners last week in the 2nd round of the Manukorihi Cup. There was some good golf from Shane Weir with 47 to go with his 45 which took the honours, so well-done Shane-O, great golf. John Chandler snuck in for second place, so well-done JC. Some good news was forthcoming as Robbie Busing had to pull out of the Purdie Cup which forced a reshuffle of the draw. SO, I don’t have to play Gary (the tiger) Fulton and give away 32 shots. Gary said I was scared to play him….I replied… NO it was only the 32nd shot that was a concern. The top sixteen sheet is up, so have a look at who you are playing and when, thanks.

Extra Xmas pop up competition on December the 15th. Yes, that’s right. Another Hamper will be held on the 15th December, same entry and prizes as the main Hamper….so contact JR and have a second go at getting a ham.

SPECIAL THANKS: Thanks to Marie Rayner for all the work she put in on getting all the prizes and raffles and making up the prize packs etc for the big day. Thanks to the rest of the team helping out on entry’s and bar, also out on the course. I do believe Mike (Waldorf) Let-him-in was out raking the bunkers at sunrise …. I didn’t happen to get in one but Mike did say that Statler was very grateful, …those guys just love each other, a real BROMANCE .

Our outgoing President, after six years, had the speeches and prize giving sorted. Thanks to all the hobbits that sold the raffles and battens … (THEY WENT VERY WELL). We need that support and help from club members on these big days. The course was in great nick and with the amount of 40pts plus scores it played great so well done team.

AGM 2ND DECEMBER. Don’t forget that we all have a say so please see if you can make it, bring up any issues etc. There is an open space in the vice club captain role, so if your keen or want to put in for any of the positions please get your name in.

SPECIAL THANKS: See note below. Well done to all with a big field, the pace was pretty good so let’s keep this up.

Note: SLOW PLAY. helpful tips the 5th hole is a play-over hole. So, if you’re there and you can let the following pack of wolves tee off… please let them do so. This keeps the pace of play up and we all need to beware of playing at a good speed .So if you think your ball is in the trees / over the fence or close / lost, or possibly lost in the rough …please play a provisional until you’re sure as this keeps play moving. Also 3 mins is the time to search for a lost ball. If your putt is just short and you are comfortable to putt out, then go ahead…. just remember not to stand on others putting lines.

Get ready at the next tee to go.

This week is a mass start 9am tee off so 8.30am please. Its CLOSING DAY AND PRIZE GIVING so we are doing mixed fours, net competition, and prize giving when we are all back in.

For those with vouchers to collect, Marie has again got us organized and will have them to be picked up Saturday. Also please collect your meat packs etc., there is a few in the freezer. Thanks.

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.


Wednesday Club

Waitara New World

A great day for golf with some hot scores.

Division one we had John Rayner and Wayne Kopu the winners with 44 points, John also was the best putter of the day with only 24 putts, you don’t hear the very often. John Chandler 43, Geoff Peters 40, Nathan Loppy and Kerry Edgcombe 39 points.

Division Two, John Davey had a day to remember with 47 points from Richard Crowe 46, Peter Loppy, Carl Beal and Phil Wilson all 43 points, Dave Yates 42, Lee Mather and Jim Newlove both 41, David Butler and Teddy Danych finished with 40 points.

There were three twos, Kerry E, Tony B and Ivor S.

Raffle winners, John Vanders, Blue, JR, Colin Upson, JC, Ivan Rangitonga, Lee, Dave Williams, Ivor, Brett Kelly, Dave Yates and Tony Bromfield.

Wednesday Xmas Hamper 11th December.



The last word

This will be my last newsletter as the Manukorihi Golf Club’s President. It has been a very enjoyable six years, I have had some great committees and volunteers over that time, many thanks to you all. We have achieved so much over the past years from where we were. The club is in a great financial space, that all club members should be very proud of. And playing on our amazing golf course.

Closing day this Saturday, mass start at 9am, this is a free day.

The Clubs AGM on Monday 2nd December at 7pm,

Many Thanks.

David Butler.



Players toilet on the course.

The Manukorihi Golf Club has added a toilet located at the green keepers shed between the Men’s and the Ladies 16th tee. Many thanks to Greg Fowler and Colin Upson for their time to put it all together and their helpers as needed. Thanks to Christine Ogle for the paving stones for the outside.

AGM, 2nd December at 7pm.

The clubs AGM is not far away. There is a Nomination sheet on the notice board. If you would like to be involved in the running of the Manukorihi Golf Club please add your name to one of the positions that are available.

Pest control at Manukorihi.

The Manukorihi Golf Club is going to do more pest control on the course. We are buying some DOC approved traps for this and would like someone to look after and record what we catch. This would be something that would have to be on a weekly basis.

If you are interested, please see one of the committee or Paul Fairhurst.

50 years at Manukorihi Golf Club.

This coming Easter the Manukorihi Golf Club will have been at our current course at Wills Road for 50 years, the Club was founded in 1904. We will be looking for a subcommittee to help run the Saturday and Sunday.

We are looking at the history of the club, so if you have anything that may help us, photos, stories that will be of interest please let me know. Also, we are looking for Programme Books, we are missing a lot from 2006 to 2018.

Many Thanks.

David Butler.

Vets Pennants

Final round is at Westown on 2/12/19 (reserve day 16/12/19). Yellow play Urenui and Black plays Inglewood Red.

See you on the tee.

Rod A.


Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.


Saturday Ladies

The summer heat really arrived on Saturday, umbrellas were up to provide shade and a bit of a breeze. The course is in lovely condition and looking beautiful. There were some great scores for the Bisque Par competition. Jo Foreman won the 1st division with +8 and Marie Rayner won the 2nd division with +10. Awesome golf ladies. Helen Jenkins also had +8 so it was justice that she got a drawn two. Joy Andrews also got a drawn two. All 4 ladies get a $5.00 voucher.

Club closing day next Saturday which is a Mini Hamper and prize giving. Start time is 9.00.

The Summer Stableford competition gets underway Tuesday 3rd Dec and Saturday 7th Dec. Result sheets will be on the usual boards in the Ladies room.

Your result goes in on your chosen day, either Tues or Sat. 6 rounds with the best 4 counting.

Good golfing


Coming Events

  • Club Closing Day & Mini Hamper Saturday November 30th.

  • Club AGM. Monday 2nd December 7pm.



Possibly the most important lesson that I’ve ever given you all, so far is this one :

The most important distance on a golf course - “ is the 6” between the ears !!!”

You all read about golf, you hear information, some of you even practice – but do you use the “old grey matter ??“ Don’t allow the heart to rule the brain. Emotion v The Brain !!!

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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