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Message from the Club Captain

Message from the Club Captain

Opening day and the Barbara Sharrock Cup is on the 1st of February and this is a mass start Stableford day.

We will have the morning BBQ with some goodies (cooked by our two local chefs) and maybe a few drinks, a welcoming speech and then the MASS start……. tee off time of around 9.30am.

So, please be there about 8 / 8.30ish so Robert and Lofty can sort cards teams etc.

There will be plenty of raffles and things going on so hope to see you there. Don’t FORGET 8 / 8.30 am so we can get the start done, cheers.

Foreman trophy is on the very next day, the 2nd, and the teams have been made up.

The draw is on the website. Thanks goes out to Robert Chop Chop Butler as he does a great job on the draws and setting up the competitions, for cards etc., also thanks to Mike Letherman for the website update. So, IF YOU’RE WANTING A GAME SUNDAY maybe after 12pm off the 1st only please.

Pennants teams have been picked as well. Thanks to all who put up their names on the sheet for selection this year. Once again see the noticeboard and see if you made it, cheers. Contact the team captains if there are any issues so that we can have a smooth run, thanks.

Green fees – There has been some co