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Message from the Club Captain

Hello to all. Hope we enjoyed opening day and had a few laughs.

Well done to the winner of the Bridge Cup with a very impressive 47 points. He had 99 not out and for the first time he shot under the 100 mark. So well done to SIR Darren Rice. There were some good scores that were close, but no cigar so well done to all. Thanks to the Match Committee Team and all the Helpers cooking, pouring some drinks and sorting out the draw etc. It’s a lot of work to get this done so many thanks. Special thanks to The Edge for bringing the eggs (that’s not Stotty) And the Chefs on the day good job boys. Also to me old mate Sunstrike VISE Captain - he keeps us on our toes thanks for your help Robin.

AGAIN Welcome to all the new members and everyone please make yourself known to the new members.

News update:

Our Young up and coming star Kingston played in the junior world qualifiers over the last week and went down in a playoff for 1st spot so picked up 2nd in the first event so well-done young fella keep it up.

In OTHER LATE BREAKING NEWS …. JR Used chipper number 179 and bin a shot (Lofty Language) on the 17th for a 2 on Sunday. So this one may see the end of the month …. well done JR.

SO …. Barbara Sharrock cup is on the 8th of February and this is a Mass Start Stableford day. Tee off time of around 9am.

So please be there about 8 am so Robert and Lofty can sort cards teams etc. If you wish to go early, then we can’t put you in the comp as it’s a mass start and It’s in the Programme as that. Mass starts are slightly more than a standard comp…. as it’s about the club mixing members and keeping that club feeling going that all are welcome, and we want to keep this going as we do a great job of this currently.