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Message from the Club Captain

Hello to all. Hope we enjoyed opening day and had a few laughs.

Well done to the winner of the Bridge Cup with a very impressive 47 points. He had 99 not out and for the first time he shot under the 100 mark. So well done to SIR Darren Rice. There were some good scores that were close, but no cigar so well done to all. Thanks to the Match Committee Team and all the Helpers cooking, pouring some drinks and sorting out the draw etc. It’s a lot of work to get this done so many thanks. Special thanks to The Edge for bringing the eggs (that’s not Stotty) And the Chefs on the day good job boys. Also to me old mate Sunstrike VISE Captain - he keeps us on our toes thanks for your help Robin.

AGAIN Welcome to all the new members and everyone please make yourself known to the new members.

News update:

Our Young up and coming star Kingston played in the junior world qualifiers over the last week and went down in a playoff for 1st spot so picked up 2nd in the first event so well-done young fella keep it up.

In OTHER LATE BREAKING NEWS …. JR Used chipper number 179 and bin a shot (Lofty Language) on the 17th for a 2 on Sunday. So this one may see the end of the month …. well done JR.

SO …. Barbara Sharrock cup is on the 8th of February and this is a Mass Start Stableford day. Tee off time of around 9am.

So please be there about 8 am so Robert and Lofty can sort cards teams etc. If you wish to go early, then we can’t put you in the comp as it’s a mass start and It’s in the Programme as that. Mass starts are slightly more than a standard comp…. as it’s about the club mixing members and keeping that club feeling going that all are welcome, and we want to keep this going as we do a great job of this currently.

I know some want to go early to beat the heat or have needs to shoot off and that’s fine - we can’t change the Programme otherwise it just becomes too much work with draws and the like…. sorry. Non-MASS starts we can make a little change here and there on start times as long as you have entered the day’s comp sheet before hitting the course.

Foreman Trophy was held on the 2nd and the Right team came out on top ….Paul 'The Rock' Fairhurst lead the way for the number 1 team and took out the Meiklejohn for best nett by a Manu player with 66 nett well done Pauly and was followed by the Darryl Dart Baird and Lofty 68s then Ivor 'Old Timmer' Sarten the Geoff 'The Hulk' Slater and last but not least Darren two 9s Lewis .

Well done lads we snuck in over the Manu 2 team buy 2 shots 424 vs 426 nett closely followed by the beach boys from Fitzroy on 427 so a good comp and great day by all.

Pennants Teams have been picked as well thanks to all who put up your names on the sheet for selection this year. Once again see the notice board and see if you made it cheers. Contact the Team Captains if there are any issues please so that we can have a smooth run thanks.

Note; Heard a little story that the Dart may have been bird watching a few weeks ago. This was While taking Fay on a romantic trip WITH ICE-CREAM IN HAND to Lake Rotomanu and on arrival he was…… or not …. watching a couple of birds …. of the ….. human kind, I hear who may …or not… of had many clothing items on. Consequently, he hit the fence in his car……. or not …. you would have to ask him I have heard two stories and they appear to be a little differing in what really happened….Maybe I need to get an ice-cream and go investigate the scene…….

Don’t forget folks subs due soon and can we all check the raffle sheet for meat packs to be picked up they are in the freezer and it needs a clean out thanks.

Thanks, and good golfing.

Your Club Captain Lofty.


Waitara New World Wednesday Club.

Golf every Wednesday at 9am for a mass start at 9 30. $6.00 entry includes twos; Raffle are $2.00 each. Later in the year we have Stoke Play, Match Play and Top Dog. There are always 30 plus that turn up, any one is welcome. We are looking for someone to look after the day, if that’s you please see David Butler or John Rayner.

Results for Wednesday, Division one:

John Rayner with 41 points from Phil Wilson 40 and Geoff Peters 38.

Division two:

Peter Loppy with a great score of 44 points, Cliff Oxenham 43, Teddy Danych 41, Austin Wood, Jim Newlove and Barry Burns all 40 points. David Butler had a 2 at the 5th and Nathan Loppy at the 3rd.

Raffle winners: Blue, Rod Andrews, J R, David Butler, Kerry Edgcombe, Geoff Peters and Greg Fowler picked up 2.

Cheers Wednesday Club.

Men’s Vet Pennants.

The final round of Vet Pennant was played at Westown last Monday in tough conditions, Manukorihi Black played Inglewood Red, John Rayner and Mike Leterman had a loss, John Vanders and David Butler also a loss, Teddy Danych and Greg Fowler a win. Manukorihi Yellow played Urenui with all three teams having a loss, Geoff Peters and Wayne Kopu, Phil Wilson and Peter Loppy, Richard Crowe and Trevor Hughes. But the Manukorihi Yellow team were the winners of the Nett competition over the season and placed third in the match play. Well done lads.

Many thanks to all the players that played over the year, also a big thanks to Trevor Hughes & Rod Andrews for their efforts over the year,

The Vets mid Monthly is at Manaia on Monday 10th February, be there at for a 9am. Tee off.



Saturday Ladies

Report next Ladies Comp

Tuesday Ladies

A great day to start the 2020 season with everyone playing 9 holes mixing in together. Played Stableford and hidden partners.

1st place went to Joy Andrews and Tere Hodges with 43 points followed by Colleen Hoskins and Bev Hall 40 points. Well done. Twos were drawn and winners were Robyn Chamberlain, Coral Allen & Dot Bowers all getting a $5 voucher each. Raffle was won by Tere Hodges.

Next week we play the Grandmothers and M & K Old Mother’s Trophy. Start time 9am for the 18 holers and 10 am for the 9 hole golfers. Please have names in 20 minutes prior.

Huge welcome to the new members, hope you enjoy your time at Manukorihi.

Good golfing, M.R.



If the golfer plays well he/she becomes a “Happy Golfer,” so I thought maybe by giving you all A Simple Golf Tip each week it would help Members & in particularly New Members improve. I can only do the talking I can’t hit for you, so use the Academy more often.

PRO TIP – back to basics

KEEPING YOUR HEAD STEADY throughout the golf swing is one of the most important & difficult things to learn. Possibly because you can’t see yourself, and ‘feeling’ that what you are doing is not enough. To check your HEAD watch yourself in a mirror or window, or watch your shadow on the ground whilst you swing. Keep THE HEAD UP & STEADY.

Good Luck & Happy Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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