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Presedents Report

We have had a great start to the year commencing with Opening Day on 1st February, and significant further improvements to our course are obvious to all following a large amount of treeline and hedge trimming work (not to mention placement of new OB markers on the 1st, 8th, 9th and 18th holes!) As always, a huge thanks to our green keeping staff and all the volunteers who assisted with the clean-up of the course.

Our Twilight golf competition is going gangbusters, with a fantastic social atmosphere in the clubrooms after play last Thursday evening – a total of 58 participants comprising many members and a number of visitors enjoyed playing 9 holes on a fine and calm late afternoon/early evening, followed by a meal and prize giving. “Chase the Ace” is still to be struck and the cash prize is now up over $500. A big thank-you to organiser John Chandler, deputy club captain Robin Broadmore and caterer Jan Laurence for their efforts in making our Twilight golf evenings so successful.

Equipment: The main committee (with endorsement from the Advisory Committee) is purchasing a second-hand Toro Reelmaster Sidewinder mower specifically for greens surrounds and tee areas, which should result in improved surface quality in those areas.

We are all well aware of the current dry spell, with our fairways showing it, but our water storage reservoir is proving its worth this summer in giving us the ability to maintain our greens, greens surrounds and tee areas in good condition.

Please remember some of our past and present members who may be suffering from ill-health - most recently one of our willing course volunteers in Trevor Hughes, who suffered a fall while working in the garden at home and spent just on a week in hospital. We look forward to seeing Trevor back on deck as soon as possible.

Last but certainly not least, many thanks to Sue Nobbs for taking over the newsletter editor role so willingly from our new treasurer Barry Burns, who did a great job with the newsletter over the last few years.

Enjoy your golf and make the most of the generous run!

Richard Crowe


Club Captains Report

Club Captains Report

Hello to all. Hope we are enjoying the fine weather.

Well done to the winners on the weekend and leading the Hone Heke cup is Martin forest Nobbs with a superb 54 nett so well-done big fella. Must admit it would be the first time I haven’t seen you play your second into 16 from the 4th fairway so must have been a good day.

The 2nd round will be held on the 29th along with the Bleakly Tray competition.

This week we have Captain Vs Security and Wills trophy and it is a mass start at 9 am tee off so get there early so we can sort sides cheers.

Pennants teams have played there Second round of the 2020 year and results as follows:

Seniors played at Westown and they had a good game but sorry no cigar over the champs going down 3.5 – 2.5 with the team match going to the last. Good effort lads with Ivor and Paul getting a win each so well done lads.

Manu 1: Went down 5.5 – 3.5 on a very windy day and it’s not often Loppy hits a driver into a par three so must of a lot of wind (Or GAZZA WAS IN THE BAR LOOKING BACK) hard luck boys; next week. Good wins to in-law brothers Kevin and Gavin.

Manu 2: Got put on the cheese Board by the Boys from Eltham and let’s just say by the comments it was not the best of days. But if you look on the Taranaki golf web site you will find a full list of results and it was a lot closer than the 8 – 1 result so hard luck boys.

Week 3 sees The Seniors and Manu 2 play at home and Manu 1 play at Inglewood so all the best teams. Special thanks to the Sheriff SUNSTRIKE and his Deputy THE ROSE for coming out and walking around watching the teams play. I did see the pen and pad out so maybe there is some fines coming. Who KNOWS?

Match play is coming starting March 21st, so this is what is happing for the draws.

On Saturday we will be putting up the divisions and the list will have a yes / no box for all to tick weather you want to be in or not. This is so we can set up the top 16 draw sheets. This will be made up of the top 16 available handicaps per division and they will make it into the main draw for the cups. If numbers allow, we may have a flite competition BUT we will have to see when, once the numbers are in.

GLAD YOU ASKED…. what can you do to help us ..please tick off the boxes on the sheets which we will get into the club house for Saturday and the cut-off date is the 7th of March. So please don’t miss out and remember if you can’t get to the finals day May 2nd then consider the competition as a club highlight. Finals will be played on that day, Unless the course is deemed unplayable by the match committee then it will be played on the spare date of the 9th May thank you.

Don’t forget folks subs due soon. Also, can we all check the raffle sheet for meat packs to be picked up as they are in the freezer and it needs a clean out thanks.

Captains Choice split sixes this year is going to be a bit different and it’s all a mix of good and bad ? Watch this space folks.

Shoot out is up and running so please get you money into Ian Titter BEFORE YOUR ROUND… so you can be in …as your score won’t be counted if you haven’t paid or made arrangements with the Big Boss Ian has some midyear comps for the shoot-out players so keep an eye out for that and this will give everyone who enters a chance to win a little, even if they don’t make the cut ….cheers Ian for running this again top job as always

Thanks, and good golfing

Your Club Captain Lofty.

Mid Monthly Report

A very successful mid monthly on the 14th February. A field of 60 players.

Highlight of the day were 2 Hole In Ones on the 3rd hole. Congratulations to Nathan Russ from Waitara on a 10 handicap and Stu Cruikshank from Westown playing off a 22. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU.

We had 10 players also getting twos.

Top men’s scores were: Joe Conley 42 points, Wayne Kopu 44 points and Gary Fulton also 44 points. Diane Gilbert getting 47 points in the ladies’ division. Wonderful golf everyone.

Thanks to the course staff for presenting a great course and Joy for her time every month.

Please support our mid-monthly. Always the second Friday of the month tee off 9-11am



Waitara New World Wednesday Club

Golf every Wednesday at 9am for a mass start at 09:30

$6.00 entry includes ‘twos’, Raffle are $2.00 each. Later in the year we have Stoke Play, Match Play and Top Dog. There are around 30 plus that turn up, any one is welcome.

- We are looking for someone to look after the Wednesday haggle day, if your interested in helping out please see David Butler or John Rayner.

The perfect storm was about to touch down at Manukorihi…….

JR had devised a game of Split Sixes Shootout apparently to spice up the next few weeks. But alas confusion set in yet again and many were sent packing to sort out their scoring. It really wasn’t that hard - the instruction sheet handed out even said it was easy !!

So those that advance to next week’s knockout are: Wayne Kopu, Austin Wood, Tony Bromfield, Rob Fraser, Mike Burkhart, Bob Crow, Richard Crowe, Brian Rattenbury, Peter Loppy.

So here’s for a more positive outcome next Wednesday. Remember we have $60 up, for top spot. Today’s best Stableford went to Div. 1 Wayne Kopu with 42 and Nicole Mancer 41 for Div. 2 Rob Fraser 43 points followed by Brian Rattenbury with 42 for

Raffle winners Wayne Kopu, JC, Phil Wilson, Nicole, Dane Cassidy, JR

So looking forward to next week’s attitudes



Tuesday Ladies

Another great day. Played the 1st round of Sarten Trophy. Section one went to Pauline Davidson 69 Stableford, Section two - Joy Andrews 63 and section three Helen Watt 69 on a countback from Helen Jenkins. Great golf ladies.

Putting points went to Joy Andrews 28, Fay Rowe 31 and Robyn Chamberlain 32.

Only two was from our new member Teati Cleary on the 3rd. Well done.

The 9-hole winner this week was Dot Bowers 31 nett who also won our weekly raffle. 9 hole putting was Frances Butler 14, Dot Bowers 15 and Colleen Hoskins 17.

Faye Rowe, Marie Rayner, Robyn Chamberlain and Helen Watt represented the club at the annual Clytie Vines at Manaia on Wednesday. Great day but will say no more. We tried !!

Next week we have 3 clubs and a putter. Starter is Robyn Chamberlain.



Please print off the flyer and put up at your workplace.



PREPARATION is very important to playing your best game. It is wise to hit a few balls before starting but a good tip is to swing two irons together. Use a baseball grip & GENTLY swing 15 times back & forward. The first 5 swings think of keeping your HEAD STEADY, next 5 swings try to keep your LEFT ARM FIRM on the backswing & your RIGHT ARM FIRM on the follow through. Next 5 swings think of your legs, LEFT LEG IN on the backswing RIGHT LEG IN on the follow through. Now you are PREPARED for the day.

Good Luck & Good Golfing.

Professional John Garner.

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